Hi internet, welcome to Film Grimoire.

This blog will be a collection of film reviews that I write when I feel feelings about films and need to get them out of my brain. I attend a weekly movie night which has a democratic process of voting films to watch. As a result, I’ve seen a lot of films from many genres, time periods, and of varying quality. We usually watch two films per evening, unless the film is insanely long, in which case we watch just the one and have an intermission in the middle.

I take part in a podcast entitled Films From The Granny, which discusses films that we watch during our movie night and has a fun gameshow element as well. There may or may not be a significant overlap between my opinions on FFTG and here, but that’s okay; as the popular saying goes, consistency is the spice of life. You can listen to FFTG on iTunes or via links on the Facebook page if you are so inclined.

As to the name of the blog, as with everyone else on the internet, I wanted something ~clever~ so I thought of something that rhymed with film noir. Clever? Also this blog could be considered an ancient text of magical opinions, maybe. Honestly it just reminded me of Hocus Pocus, and what kind of monster doesn’t love that magnificent classic. Hey poindexter, you think of something better. Blogging is difficult.

In my normal life, I am a recent graduate looking for a full-time job in my field (counselling individuals who have experienced sexual abuse and/or other forms of trauma. HIRE ME). I also manage a bookshop so I have many opinions on books but I tend to keep them on the downlow.

So, that’s all, film reviews soon! Maybe some television as well, at least once the fourth season of Game of Thrones starts and my boyfriend is sick of hearing me talk/cry about it.



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