Movie 43 (2013): Quick-shot review!

Movie-43-Poster-406x650OMG, you guys, get ready for the craziest and most outrageous comedy you’ve ever seen in your whole entire life! Just kidding, it’s horrible. Movie 43 (2013) was directed by 13 people and has an extensive cast of familiar faces. There are two different versions of the film. The version I watched was structured around the premise that some kids are attempting to find the worst movie on the entire internet, and in their adventures click on a number of videos and watch them; the videos being the sketches in the film. 

Sometimes, when watching a film I intend to write about, I make some notes on my phone to prompt my writing later on. Instead of writing a full review for this monstrosity, I present to you the notes I wrote during Movie 43:

Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman are not funny. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber are borderline ok. Anna Faris sketch is not funny. Emma Stone is ok. Batman sketch is boring. Uma Thurman is not funny. Machine Kids sketch is not funny. iBabe sketch is not funny. Chloe Moretz period sketch is not funny. Leprechaun sketch is not funny. Halle Berry sketch is not funny. Basketball sketch is not funny. Beezel the cat is not funny. I just want this film to be over.

This film claims to be the “most outrageous comedy ever”. It’s not outrageous. It resorts to juvenile penis and vagina jokes that children outgrow in primary school, and expects its audience to have the sense of humour of a 14 year old boy who has just seen his very first episode of Jackass. Despite this film trying so, so very hard to offend, ultimately, this film’s worst crime is that it’s just not funny, nor is it shocking. I genuinely felt annoyed after finishing it because I was thinking about all the amazing things I could have watched instead. Watching this video of Nigel Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys making weird throat noises for 57 minutes is a more enjoyable experience, and a better use of your time, than watching Movie 43.

I’d like to thank Cinemaniac Reviews for inspiring me to watch Movie 43. Even though I hated my life whilst I was watching it, I really did enjoy reading your take on it! Reading the responses to this film is even more entertaining than the film itself. This film inspires people to write the best snarky reviews. And for that reason alone, it deserves half a star.

Watch the trailer here (NSFW – nudity and poor taste).


  1. Hahaha, I’ve heard nothing but bad about this one. Love your notes!

    1. Thanks! It seems like everyone hates it as much as each other. I haven’t read one positive review on it yet!

  2. Yeah. That’s definitely the size of it.

    Such a terrible film, so terrible it is neither offensive nor shocking nor hatred inspiring.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t have found it so stupid if it was actually provocative in some way. It’s just a big waste of time!

  3. So funny, my boyfriend was asking me about this movie the other day (i.e. “What’s the name of the awful movie with practically every actor and actress you’ve ever heard of in it?”) and we both couldn’t remember what is was called. Your notes are so funny, makes me glad that we didn’t waste out time or money on this clunker!

    1. You really dodged a bullet there! It really is a clunker!

  4. Yeah, probably the worst of the year. By far, in fact. Good review Anna.

    1. Thanks! Do you reckon it will win all of the Razzies? I feel like I should bet some money on it.

      1. All the Razzies in the world still won’t be able to tell everybody how truly terrible this is.

  5. I HATED this one. (As you know.) Couldn’t stand a waking moment of it. Are the Razzies broadcasted? I’ll make sure I watch them if so. That way I see the comedy of giving this Worst Picture (dear god it’s inevitable!!). Be so much funnier than this “outrageous comedy.”

    1. I can see this one winning all the categories of the Razzies. Nothing matches it this year. I hope the Razzies are broadcasted, I feel like that one would be a really interesting awards ceremony to watch!

      1. Yeah the only problem is they gave it all to Jack and Jill just two years ago. Would they do it again and risk getting a bad reputation?

        1. I would hope they would do it again for a film that truly deserves it!

          1. Not that Jack and Jill didn’t.

            1. I’ve actually never seen that one. But if we’re using it in the same sentence as Movie 43, I’m going to avoid it for ever and ever.

  6. When I was young I watched Kentucky Fried Movie and thought it was funny. This film compared itself to that one so I gave it a try – I only watched about 10 minutes and shut it. For a moment I thought, I must really be out of touch with younger generations… how could they think this was funny? Glad that I saw your review because, between your review and the comments, it seems I wasn’t alone.

    1. I’ve never seen Kentucky Fried Movie but I just did a bit of research and it looks like something I would find funny (as a huge fan of Airplane!/Flying High!), as opposed to this waste of time. It made me feel a bit out of touch as well, but mostly sad that people out in the world might actually find it humorous. I hope I never meet those people.

      1. Kentucky Fried may seem dated as most films from the 1970’s, but it has that Airplane kind of wackyness in a collection of many skits. I’m curious how it would hold up as far as laughs. I generally don’t like many modern comedies and watch older films when I’m in the mood for a laugh.

  7. I’ve yet to see this but it can’t be as bad as Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, can it?

    1. Avoid at all costs! You can either see Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, or this one, but not both because that’s just too much time wasted on bad films. It is absolutely the worst.

  8. ‘I just want this film to be over’. Haha. Sounds like this definitely makes it into your top worst films list, especially after your notes.

    1. It’s definitely the worst film I’ve seen all year!

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  12. You’ve made me curious to see it! I do sometimes enjoy a bad film, but this sounds truly dire…

    1. Oh no, I can’t be responsible for you watching this horrible film! I was lured in by another reviewer so I can see the temptation, but really, it’s just so bad.

      1. Will…try…to…resist…!

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