Sunshine Blogger Award!

The 5th of December marks my two-monthiversary of writing film reviews here at Film Grimoire. Imagine my surprise when I saw on Thursday, December 5th that the wonderful Natasha from Films and Things had nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award! In fact, it looked a little bit like this…

UmpOiThank you Natasha!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Post a picture of the Sunshine Award in the blog post
  2. Post 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers
  5. Write 11 questions for them to answer
  6. Let the nominated blogger(s) know you have nominated them

sunshineaward11 Random Facts

  1. My mother originally wanted to name me Apollonia, the female name variant of the Greek god Apollo. Family said no, that would be weird, so she settled on Anna.
  2. I was initially studying at university to be a translator, but ended up doing psychology.
  3. I never really liked summer or hot weather until I spent a month in Greece in the summertime.
  4. My favourite fiction book of all time is The Rainbow by D.H. Lawrence.
  5. My favourite non-fiction book of all time is Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.
  6. I don’t have a favourite Christmas carol as a direct result of working in retail during Christmas time.
  7. I really enjoy making quiches of all types.
  8. If you want an excellent cup of tea, you should try T2’s Melbourne Breakfast.
  9. I have a strange obsession with the Amish.
  10. My favourite television show at the moment is Game of Thrones (love the books, too) and I’m seriously considering covering each episode here when the new season airs.
  11. I still feel sad at/betrayed by the way Twin Peaks ended. 😦

11 Questions

  1. If I gave you a puppy now (for arguments sake let’s say it’s a boy) what would you call it? I’d call it Salvador!
  2. What’s your go-to drink at the bar? If it’s a nice bar, I like a good mojito. Other than that, an apple cider will be just fine.
  3. Who’s your favourite actor/actress? I’ve come to realise that Jennifer Lawrence is actually my favourite actress. She’s just too impressive, both in acting and general life. My favourite actor is Max von Sydow. I adore him.
  4. What’s your favourite Pixar movie? Definitely Up (2009). Just don’t make the mistake of watching the first 20 minutes on a plane and crying in front of everyone.
  5. What’s your favourite time of year? I really like springtime. You can wear cardigans and still enjoy the sunshine.
  6. Do you have any pets? If so, what and what are their names? I don’t have any pets at the moment, unfortunately. But my partner’s sister has three bunnies and one of them is my ultimate favourite. His name is Flopsy and I dream of stealing him.
  7. What did you always want to be when you grew up, and has that changed now that you have grown up? When I was a kid, I wanted to be an artist. Right now, I’m looking to be a counsellor. Totally different fields but I do enjoy doing art therapy exercises with kids!
  8. What kind of videos do you waste the most time watching on Youtube? (mine, for instance, are funny animals) I really like watching funny animal videos but I also love watching supercuts of movie tropes, and song mash-ups.
  9. What do you want for Christmas this year? For Christmas this year, I’m not really looking forward to any presents, just spending time with my family and having a nice lunch.
  10. What will be your new year’s resolution? My new year’s resolution is to gain employment in my field.
  11. Who’s your celebrity crush? Yep… probably 1950s-1970s Max von Sydow.

11 Nominations

11 Questions for my Nominees!

  1. What was your favourite television show during childhood?
  2. What’s your favourite television show currently?
  3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
  4. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? (Stealing this one from my batch of questions!)
  5. What’s your favourite film of all time?
  6. Do you have anything big planned for next year that you’re really excited about?
  7. What made you start blogging? What was your initial inspiration?
  8. If you could pick three people (alive or dead) to attend a dinner party, who would you pick?
  9. What’s your favourite colour?
  10. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
  11. What weapon would you choose to defend yourself in a zombie apocalypse?


  1. Thanks for the nomination, but I already have it. I don’t mind being nominated twice for an awesome award!

    1. You’re welcome! Yeah, I kind of wondered whether everyone on the list would have this one already!

  2. Thank you, Anna, for the nomination. Very kind!

    I love fact 6. Oh and I love quiches. 😉

    Can I have one?

    1. You’re welcome! Expect a nice quiche in the post sometime soon!

  3. Thanks so much the nomination, this is so sweet of you! I also love #6 of your random facts. My boyfriend is the exact same way because he used to work in retail and got SO sick of hearing Christmas carols non-stop. Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmas Time is his most hated song of all time!

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂 I think my most hated Christmas carol of all time is the Jackson 5 version of “I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus”. It makes me want to vom because the place where I worked at the time had it on a Christmas CD that was on repeat all day. The worst!

  4. In a strange way, I think Twin Peaks ended perfectly considering the type of show that it is. Even so, I agree that it’s frustrating to not get more of the story. Fire Walk with Me didn’t really help either.

    1. Yeah, I have a maelstrom of internal conflict between being a huge fan of Lynch and respecting his vision for the last episode, and also having big selfish feelings about my love for the characters. Whenever I re-watch the series I both love and hate the final episode. I did like Fire Walk With Me though. I’m a weird one.

      1. I think Fire Walk with Me has some amazing scenes. It’s also kind of maddening. I like that he made it; I just wish that Lynch had also gone on to continue the story of the series in some form.

  5. Yes, I feel let down by the ending of Twin Peaks. It would be higher up on my list of fave TV shows for sure without it all getting so weird. From all accounts the film after it was dreadful too. Your fact 6 really makes me laugh. If you meet Jennifer Lawrence I want an invite too. Pretty please!

    And on that note, would be curious how you would answer your own questions for 6, 7 and 8.

    1. I still love and adore Twin Peaks with all my heart, but the ending makes me feel so sad every time I watch it. Poor Cooper. I don’t want them to revisit the series because I think it’s fine as it is, but still, the ending is a big frustration.

      Haha! Here are my answers to the questions:
      #6: Next year being 2015, I have nothing planned yet, except hopefully finishing the Masters on time! ‘Next year’ being 2014 (since I wrote this one in 2013), I guess starting the Masters is a big event, but I’m also hoping to get a job in my field this year so that will be really exciting when it happens.

      #7: I started this blog because I wanted to explore my feelings about film more. I’m part of a podcast which is part film reviews part game show, and it’s quite jokey and light, but I wanted to explore some concepts and films a bit more deeply. Plus I wanted to share my favourite cinematography without awkwardly attempting to describe it verbally! So I think it was a great decision because I’m really enjoying doing both of those things.

      #8: At my dinner party, I would have David Lynch, Malala Yousafzai, and Kanye West. Bit of a mix but I think the conversation would be excellent.

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