Blogathon: Life, Love, and the Movies


This is a fun little blogathon that was started up by two amazing film blogs, Karamel Kinema and My Filmviews. It’s about the personal connections that we have with cinema, and consists of 16 questions. Some of these questions were really tough, but resulted in some interesting answers that were a bit surprising for me!



1. What was the first movie you saw in the cinema and what do you remember about that visit?
The very first film I remember seeing at the movies is Blinky Bill (1992), which is a cartoon about a mischievous young koala whose peaceful outback home is threatened by a logging company, and somehow he gets displaced and has to find his mother. Could it be any more of a stereotypically Australian film? I remember feeling happy that he found his mum in the end (spoiler alert!), but freaked out by the circular saws in the logging scenes.

2. Are there any movies you have very strong memories of which are not because of the movie (for example something which happened at the time you were watching it)?
Jackass: The Movie (2002) reminds me of having a badly broken leg when I was 15-16ish. I was stuck recovering at home for ages and thought it was the funniest thing ever, so I watched it whenever I needed a laugh.

3. Which movies had a big impact on you and changed a (small) part of your view on life?
More recently, the documentary Food, Inc. (2008) has had a big impact on the way I look at food in general. The film is made from an American perspective so it might not be as relevant for Australian viewers, but it was a big wake-up call in terms of my perception of food, where it comes from, what it contains, the big businesses involved in food production, et cetera. The film definitely had a big impact on my view of food in general, which is a big part of my life!

4. Do you have any comfort movies which you return to because you are in a specific mood (for example if you are feeling down/nursing a heartbreak)?
Not a specific film, but any film by either Woody Allen or Ingmar Bergman.

5. If a movie would be made about your life, what type of movie would it be and who would you like to portray you?
Any movie made about my life would have to have a pretty awesome cinematographer, maybe Benoît Debie. I think it would probably be one of those drama/black comedy/dramedy films. I’m not sure who would play me, but Henry Cavill would have to play my partner since they kind of look alike. Diane Keaton would play an older version of myself in a time-travel scene because I love her. Also I’d like to have Bill Murray in the movie somewhere; not for any real reason, I just really like Bill Murray.

6. Which existing movie best represents you?
Even though I had a couple of reservations about it, at the moment the film that probably best represents me is Frances Ha (2013). I can relate to Frances seeking employment in her chosen field and wanting to contribute meaningfully to that field.

7. If you knew you would die tomorrow, what would be the last movie you would want to see?
On an existential level, I think The Holy Mountain (1973) would be a good film to watch before you die. It’s generally about reaching a higher plane of existence and the ending would be strangely relevant to the situation at hand. Even if you don’t believe in an afterlife (i.e. like me), it’d at least be a bit of a mindbender before it’s time to go.

8. If you can spend your life working in the film industry, what would you be and why? (you know, director, producer, actor, cinematographer, costume designer, sound designer etc?)
I’d love to try my hand at cinematography or art direction if I worked in the film industry. I don’t know if I’d be any good at it, but those are the two things I tend to love about films in general, and television as well. I’d want to work in a field that would be creatively rewarding, and would provide a challenge, and I think either of those would fit the bill for me.



1. Did you ever have a first kiss with someone while at the cinema and if so which movie was playing?
No, but my partner insists that Silence of the Lambs (1991) was our first ‘date movie’ since we watched it together pretty early on.

2. What is your favorite movie relationship and why?
I think my favourite movie relationship is Boris (Woody Allen) and Sonja (Diane Keaton) from Love and Death (1975). They might not have started off in the best of ways, and they might be cousins, and they might be trying to assassinate Napoleon, but they really grow to love each other and have quite a beautiful relationship.

3. When did your love for movies start and how has it grown?
I think my love for movies started kind of late. As a young kid I always loved particular films and would watch them over and over until I was sick of them. However, when I broke my leg at age 15, I would ask my mum to go to the video shop all the time so I would have different things to watch, and she would pick really eclectic titles for me that I wouldn’t normally choose. Because I was stuck at home, I watched films all day and developed a big love for film as a form of both entertainment and art. As for how it’s grown, I like to think I’m less picky about what I’ll watch now. I’ve come to a point where I’ll pretty much watch anything and find some form of value in it (except for Fat Slags (2004), which I turned off about 10 minutes in, and Movie 43 (2013), which is just plain bad).

4. If you have to choose one film to watch with your loved one, what would it be and why?
I mentioned in my Bond ranking post that my partner is massively obsessed with the James Bond franchise, and he has been ever since he was a kid. We often watch the films together and as a result I have lots of nice memories associated with them. With that in mind, if I had to choose one film for us to watch together, it would be On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), which is his ultimate favourite Bond film, and is my second favourite.

5. If you can choose one character from a movie to be your significant other who would it be and why?
I would choose Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird (1962). First of all, Gregory Peck is really handsome. Secondly, Atticus is an amazing father and such a gentle, open-minded character. I think he would make a great husband slash committed life partner, just saying.

6. What was the first movie that made you fall in in love with film and cinema?
I officially fell in love with film and cinema after watching La Dolce Vita (1960) for the first time. It was around the time I broke my leg and was stuck in the house, or maybe it was afterwards as I was exploring new things to watch. I remember being stunned by it. To this day, it’s still one of my favourite films of all time.

7. How did your passion for movies turn you into a movie blogger?
It sort of just happened! I participate in a film podcast called Films From the Granny, and have always enjoyed talking about film with the guys in the podcast. The podcast focuses on film reviews with a bit of a gameshow element, and it’s really fun to take part in. After a while I realised that I just wanted to talk more and more about certain films that we were discussing, and I thought that a blog would probably be the more appropriate format for it. Thus, Film Grimoire was born!

8. What is your favorite date from a movie?
This is difficult question since I don’t watch too many ‘romantic’ films, but the infamous Ikea date from (500) Days of Summer (2009) comes to mind. So cute.



  1. Nice answers Anna! I’ll have to give that a go at some point!

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I’d be interested to see which films you’d pick!

  2. Your mention of Atticus Finch makes me want to see the film again. He’s seriously one of the great movie fathers, and his principles makes him a great man.

    1. Totally agreed, he’s one of my favourite book and film characters!

  3. Woah, great answers! Love that you mention Debie. Didn’t know we had so much in common 🙂
    I’m considering doing one myself, but I think it would be fairly repetitive and predictable 😉

    1. Great minds think alike! 🙂 I reckon you should do it, you never know, something might surprise you!

  4. A reminder of why I’m such a fan of your blog. You have such great taste. Silence of the Lambs being your date movie is hilarious. How long were you recovering from a broken leg?

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, it wasn’t a typical date movie but it was definitely a memorable one! 🙂 I was recovering from the broken leg for ages because first the doctor said it didn’t need surgery, and then they said it did, so the recovery time was much longer than usual. I think I was at home for about a month or more before it was time to get out the crutches and go back to school!

      1. Glad it’s ok now 🙂

  5. Are you Australia, or just awesome? Blinky Bill was a childhood favourite of mine! haha
    Your choice of Atticus is the best I’ve seen yet… he’s such a wonderful man 🙂

    1. A little from column A, a little from column B! 😉 The Blinky Bill cartoon was so great. Atticus Finch is probably one of my favourite fictional characters of all time. Love that book, and the film!

  6. Interesting answers, Anna.

    And Atticus Finch is a great selection.

    1. Thanks! He’s definitely one of my favourite fictional characters of all time.

  7. Very nice!

    1. Thanks! It’s a cute idea for a blogathon, isn’t it?

  8. “I’m not sure who would play me, but Henry Cavill would have to play my partner since they kind of look alike. ” – What the F? You’re so lucky! 😛

    1. Haha! Only when his hair is longer though. He chopped it off recently and it was slightly heartbreaking!

  9. “Henry Cavill would have to play my partner since they kind of look alike.” Like Sati, my jaw just drop here! XD
    Oh my god that Jorodowsky film (and that still at the beginning) is something i definitely need to watch!

    1. Haha! I just have to get him to grow his hair a bit longer and then the transformation to Cavill will be complete! You definitely have to see The Holy Mountain – one of my favourites, and it is completely visually stunning.

  10. You know how highly I rate your blog. Please take this as one way of showing it.

    1. Wow, thank you so much! 🙂 I’m so chuffed. Thank you for being such a wonderful reader!

      1. Right back at you 😉

  11. And I’ll be sending something else cool your way when I get the chance too

  12. La Dolce Vita!

    I also love the date from 500 Days of Summer, and your Love and Death mention is spectacular. Such an under-appreciated Allen classic!

    1. Thanks! I wish more people knew about Love and Death! It’s one of my favourites. So funny and self-aware (like all of his other ones!).

  13. Great answers and agree with you on Food Inc, which is a very interesting documentary. That IKEA scene is a great choice. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you break your leg?

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I wish my broken leg story was an interesting or somehow dramatic one. My mum had mopped the tiles in the kitchen and told me not to walk on them because they were wet. I was rebellious and wanted to get a sandwich or something, and thought it would be safer if I tip-toed on the tiles… no dice. I fell over and felt really stupid about it. Huge break in the fibula. At least I have a gnarly scar to show off!

  14. Great post! I love the Ikea date in 500 days of Summer too – it’s adorable. Love and Death is an hysterical movie – it’s so offbeat and hilarious!
    Food Inc is something I’ve meaning to check out for ages – I have a feeling it will impact me about food greatly too.

    1. Thanks Katy! 🙂 One day I’ll force my partner to come to Ikea with me and we can emulate the Ikea date. Food Inc is such a huge wake-up call! So be prepared to feel a bit ill after watching it!

  15. Haha I think in every post I’ve read so far in this Blogathon, everyone has picked that 500 Days of Summer date! Great post 🙂

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I love that everyone is showing love for that date, it’s a cute one.

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