Search & Rescue #2

It's a search & rescue dog!I’ve been receiving some more strangely specific search terms recently, so I thought it was time for another edition of Search & Rescue! In this feature I respond to the questions and ideas posed to me via the search terms that find my blog. Hopefully I will be able to provide some assistance to the erudite seekers of knowledge who find themselves here.

female politics of the middle age and how it influenced the search of witches
Does anyone else wonder whether students are just typing their essay topics into Google and finding your reviews?

naked witch getting away
….. I honestly have no idea how that search term led here.

how can i act in movies like spring breakers
Not entirely sure. Judging by the cast of Spring Breakers (2012) though, you have to either be a former child actress/singer wanting to become a little bit more edgy, or be married to Harmony Korine.

pledge this porn ep

why is there archival footage in this is england
The intro toΒ This Is EnglandΒ (2006) consists of a bunch of amazing archival footage of television shows, politics, events and music of 1983. It’s a fast-paced mash-up that is really entertaining to watch. This is presumably to set the film firmly within that context, as opposed to some other year in the ’80s. (Despite the fact that the finale of the film uses a song that was released in 1984, but that’s just me being nitpicky.)

wolf of wallstreet is it worth watching
wolves of wall street disgusting
Yes, on both accounts.

gravity 2d is it worth it

are people frightened by what they don’t understand
Sometimes. Certainly within the context of The Elephant Man (1980), the people of London were simultaneously afraid of and entertained by John Merrick’s elephantine appearance, which they didn’t understand.

where can i watch camp takota! But read my review first before paying to see if it’s something you’d be interested in watching.

carlton gif


  1. students are definitely just typing their essay topics into Google and finding reviews. and a reversed process also exists: instructors type words from student essays and find your reviews. it’s a vicious cycle.

    1. I found out the other day someone had referenced one of my reviews for their assignment. Weird stuff. At least they were referencing it though.

  2. “pledge this porn ep”? lol awesome!
    I had one where I was like wtf yesterday: “thank from the rock” πŸ™‚
    I think sometimes when the key words are too specific google combines multiple blogposts you’ve written and that’s how it gets to your blog. I noticed this when I tried to google those search terms myself.

    1. Ha! I’ve never tried that – searching the search terms. Definitely something to try next time I get a seriously weird one. Thank from the rock indeed!

  3. Haha, this is brilliant. I think the search term I am most proud of is “james bond on a secret mission beer” which has been quite popular. A lot on my site are just ‘actor name drinking beer’.

    1. That’s amazing. I love how blog names get tied into search terms. So far I haven’t had any involving weird old books though, unfortunately!

  4. Funny.

    And I love that Carlton dance.

    1. I’m honestly just looking for any opportunity to put that Carlton gif in a post!

  5. The saddest question I’ve ever gotten via search is “in the movie carrie why was she bleeding in the shower” — but these things are always a lot of fun to read. But “naked witch getting away” takes the cake here. Genius. πŸ˜€

    1. Wow, that is sad! I just love how people search for full questions rather than keywords. For some reason that’s the ultimate amusement for me!

  6. These search term posts are my favorites! The “naked witch getting away” one really gave me a giggle.

    1. I find them so fascinating! Particularly ‘naked witch getting away’ – pretty sure I’ve never written anything about that! πŸ™‚

  7. Love this idea for a post! Some search terms are just plain weird. And yeah, students do just type their projects into google and paste the answers into their essays. I used to teach undergrads and I typed suspicious looking parts of their finished essays into google to find out who they’d plagiarised!

    1. Bad undergrads! Was it immediately obvious that they’d copy/pasted from an uncredited source? I saw the other day that I was getting referrals from an online powerpoint presentation thing and found out that someone had referenced one of my reviews in a presentation. That was a bit weird.

  8. ha! quite amusing. And I love “This is England”! Funny about the anachronistic song, though :/

    1. Yeah! I was having a think about it and I wonder if they deliberately chose a song written post-83 to indicate the character moving on from the past. But maybe I’m overthinking it and they just really wanted to use that Smiths song.

  9. Maybe some people are beyond rescue.. Someone stumbled on my blog by searching for “mom son love castration video”. I can only imagine how disappointed they must have been to not find anything even remotely like that πŸ™‚

    1. Wow. Makes me worry for the searcher! Have you talked about any films having anything to do with that high class image? I got a horrible one the other day – “brother sister sex scene”. Presumably because of reviewing Kynodontas, but still. Gross.

      1. Hey, yours is not so bad either πŸ˜€
        It’s probably because I reviewed Moebius, which has castration in it, but still πŸ™‚

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