Search & Rescue #3


I had a nice review of The Rocket (2013) planned to post last night, but the whole thing was somehow totally deleted from my drafts, and has been lost forever! A minor setback, but nevermind, we shall pick up and start anew. In the meantime, here are some strangely specific search terms that I will respond to in a feature I like to call Search & Rescue. My favourite search terms are the ones that are phrased like questions, and these are the ones I’ll focus on today.

where was camp takota shot
Camp Takota (2014) was shot in rural California, at a place called Stickleback River Ranch in Santa Clarita.

why did billy say time to meet the devil in only god forgives?
Billy says “Time to meet the devil” to Ryan Gosling’s character in Only God Forgives (2013) just before he (SPOILER ALERT) goes to a brothel, requests to see an underaged prostitute, physically assaults some women, and then kills a young girl. Then he gets killed. I’m assuming “Time to meet the devil” means that he intends to go out and commit a whole bunch of sins and then eventually go to hell for them, if that’s the religious belief you ascribe to. But judging by the rest of the film, it could also be a random statement for dramatic effect and to sound clever, with little substance behind it. Who knows?

isn’t moonraker actually quite good
Yes. I think it’s quite good!

sean connery wearing ridiculous outfit why
I wonder if you’re referring to this masterpiece:

zardoz copy

What a stud! Sean Connery donned this magnificent costume for Zardoz (1974), a pretty crazy sci fi film. This ridiculous outfit is what his character’s tribe wears in the film. Imagine a large group of men all wearing this. It’s crazy. It looks a little something like this:


why can’t the men kill dracula
Because he has about a thousand years on them intellectually and he’s too clever to get caught. Plus he can turn into many animals and get away from them really quickly. Long story short, I can’t actually remember.

in which episode does sansa stark finally get nude
Listen here, young man/woman! This search term is inappropriate and I simply will not stand for it. Also Sansa Stark would never do that, she is way too classy. What kind of person would conduct a search like this?


why is the wicker man so disturbing
Firstly, I agree that The Wicker Man (1973) is pretty disturbing. It’s all in the way the story unfolds – a cultish group of cheery people isolated on an island where nothing is as it seems, an outsider being led into a trap, an occult religion that can be kind of creepy, plus some totally unpredictable moments that pop out at you. Not to mention the masterful cinematography, direction and music that contribute to the overall unsettling tone. The ending is also disturbing, but I won’t spoil it. Short answer: for various reasons!

what was the age of a baby when act in a film ‘baby’s day out’
Through some internet research I have discovered that the baby in Baby’s Day Out (1994) was actually played by twins, who were 18 months old at the time.

Bonus question from the overseas audience:

английский алфавит
This Russian question translates to, “English alphabet”. Well, here it is: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y, and lastly, Z.


  1. ahahahhaa you got me with that gif of Littlefinger

  2. LOL I can’t believe you lost your draft, omg that is just horrible. I am sorry! What a great idea for a post, so clever. The Sean Connery one is the best, seriously that outfit. hahaha. I do not want Sansa to get disgraced like that but oh my lord I am sure tons of guys do. That show has enough nakedness, leave Sansa alone!

    1. It was pretty traumatising! I just had to write the review all over again but I’ll be way more careful in future! Love doing these posts, I’ve done a couple of other ones since the search terms that find my blog can be so, so strange. I just read ‘leave Sansa alone!’ in the voice of that ‘leave Britney alone!!!’ guy!

      1. Yes odd right like where do these search terms come from…glad you were able to at least write it again. Sometimes I will paste it on word or start on word and then copy to blog because I also have that fear of writing, putting all my emotion into it and then losing it. So sorry! I seriously just LOL right now. LEAVE Sansa aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeee someone needs to do that video.

  3. Nice. I like the last question, from overseas the most. That is the most thought-provoking.

    1. I know, it’s so humbling to receive questions such as that one which force you to consider the significance of the fundamentals of the written universe.

      1. LOL!!!

  4. Hahaha, this is a brilliant feature! However I’m pretty disturbed by the Zardoz pics! And everyone gets nude eventually in GOT 🙂

    1. If you’re disturbed by just the pictures of Zardoz, wait until you see it in action! Imagine seeing Sean Connery running whilst wearing that outfit. It is life-changing.

  5. lol that Sean Connery outfit 😀 Did you know about it or did you google it as well?

    1. I watched the film ages ago and was actually surprised by how much I liked it. It was quite silly though and I’ve always wondered why Connery signed up for it. Maybe just for the super flattering mankini!

  6. Sansa Stark nude?! Some people have no shame 🙂

    1. I agree, no shame at all!

  7. Excellent idea…maybe I should pay more attention to my search terms as well and start answering some questions!

    1. You definitely should, I’m really interested to see the types of crazy search terms people use!

  8. Connery, what where you thinking?!!

    1. Maybe he was trying a bit too hard to escape being typecast in the Bond role!

  9. theipc · · Reply


    1. Thanks Eric! 😀


    Also, sean connery wearing ridiculous outfit why — yesss 😀 😀

    1. I didn’t know they had Google in Westeros but looks like Littlefinger is up to his tricks again!!

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