Search & Rescue #4


It’s that time again – time to answer some of the strangely specific questions that are posed to me through the search terms that enable people to stumble across this blog. This edition is strangely Game of Thrones heavy, with an additional healthy dose of existentialism.

kicked in the nuts jokes?
Answer: They’re always funny.

is the fault in our stars worth watching
Yes, I think so. But I can’t emphasise enough that if you’re not a fan of teenage enthusiasm and fandom hysteria, maybe wait it out a while until all the insane fans have already seen it. Reflecting on it, my cinema experience was just as bad as watching the Twilight films in the cinema. Really painful.

where was lars and the real girl shot
Lars and the Real Girl (2007) was shot “on location in Alton, Elora, King Townshop, Toronto, Uxbridge, and Whitevale, all of which are located in the Canadian province of Ontario” (direct quote from the film’s Wikipedia page).

who was the hooded character you see running behind the wildlings in game of thrones 4 episode 9
I don’t want to spoil it for anybody! Highlight the following to find out who it was:

The hooded figure was Gilly carrying her baby, running away from Molestown to get to Castle Black and meet up with resident secret badass Samwell Tarly.

in game of thrones season 4 episode 9 what does smashing the beetles symbolise
This was one of those moments in the episode that pretty much everyone enjoyed, and Dinklage’s superb acting ensured that it was quite the memorable moment, despite the horrific and traumatising trial by combat that followed it. In the scene, Tyrion is talking about his cognitively delayed cousin who smashes beetles all day every day with seemingly no purpose. No matter how many beetles he smashes, there are always more to smash. Tyrion is fascinated by this behaviour and attempts to figure out what it means.

This monologue could be taken literally, that Tyrion wants to find out exactly the purpose of why his cousin wants to kill so many beetles, despite the fact that there’s no end to the beetle slaughter. Or, as it was probably intended, we could take it as a metaphor for his current situation. So many people are getting killed in the name of justice and honour in Westeros at that time – what’s the purpose, and is there ever an end to it? What was the point of so many people dying in the War of the Five Kings when Westeros is so politically unstable in its wake, and people are still being killed as a result? How many people will Tywin make sure are dead before he feels that the power of the Lannister dynasty is safe? These questions and more are all encapsulated in that one monologue by Tyrion. It was a very clever scene.


what does antonius block learn from his chess game with death?
Through playing chess with death, Antonius Block learns that there’s no way to delay the inevitable. Just as every chess game has an ending, every human life is destined for death. Typical Bergman!

why hasn’t emilia clarke come out nude in game of thrones
There’s a rumour that Emilia Clarke isn’t doing nude scenes anymore because she has a strict no-nudity clause in place. I suspect that’s part of the reason why we didn’t get to see a massive sex scene with Daenerys and Daario in episode seven of season four. And fair enough, I reckon. If she doesn’t want to do nude scenes then she doesn’t have to. Plus her scenes in the first season had enough nudity in them to cover pretty much the entirety of her character’s story.

how many people googled, what is the thing in the briefcase in pulp fiction?
Literally billions.

will sam have sex with gilly?
I don’t know, you’ll just have to keep watching the show to find out! Or read the books. We’ve got about nine months until the next season begins, that’s plenty of time to read thousands upon thousands of pages of some of the best fantasy literature going around.


what coke fingernail white walker
Upon further inspection, that white walker sure did have one hell of a coke nail.  Back to Studio 54 you go, you disco fiend! I could make a pun about snow here but I haven’t the mental faculties at this point in time. Best pun in the comments section wins a prize!



  1. This is a fabulous idea for a post! and I see that there are three more to read when I have time. I have made a note to steal your idea (but I promise to give you credit). And I love your answers. Thanks for an entertaining, original read 🙂

    1. Thanks Josephine! 🙂 I find search terms so fascinating. Sometimes the weirdest stuff comes through. Please feel free to use this idea! I love seeing the terms other bloggers get too!

  2. These are genius! I wish I’d thought of such a good idea first!

    1. You should do one! Search term stuff is so nerdily interesting.

  3. I think the actress who didn’t want to do the nudity was Esme Bianco who played Ros…and then they killed her off. It’s not something I know for sure just something I heard as Emilia said she has no issues with nudity and has no clause, so if they offed Esme, who I thought was lovely and cleverly tied a lot of stuff in the books in new character because she wouldn’t get naked it really makes the show runners look very bad.

    And ironically it’s not the worst thing they’ve done.

    1. Oh, that sucks. Killing someone off because they won’t get nude is wrong, although you’re right, it’s certainly wouldn’t be the most heartless thing they’ve done. For shame!

  4. “film?” haha

    1. and great answer too 😀

      1. Haha! I hope that searcher comes back one day and finds the answer they seek!

  5. This is such an awesome post!

    Baby’s looking a little snow blind.

    1. Haha! Thanks Zoe, you officially win the pun contest! Prize to be announced! 😉

      1. I did?! HELL YEAH!!!! 😛

        1. All will be revealed in the next monthly favourites post! 😉

  6. Oh, I always enjoy these! haha. I’m impressed that someone found your blog just by googling “film?”
    Let’s see, do I have any fun ones from June? “i refuse to straighten my hair” is fairly good, and “why is it foggy over the beach” a genuine question. The best ones are always related to the Alabama post, though – e.g. “what does alabama ppl say.”

    1. Haha! Those are good ones! Indeed, why is it foggy over the beach? It’s those types of existential questions about life that keep me going.

  7. Love your original posts like this they are so fun to read. Those White Walkers, omg they are all coke heads that’s how they are so skinny. I get it now. Totally get it. Why is that when someone asks for a pun, I can’t think of anything!! Hmmm… how about… Is that Charlie Sheen as a baby?! I don’t even know if that is a pun… lol.

    Orson why are you smashing the beetles? I hope he gets nominated for a Golden Globe and when they air his clip they pick that one!

    1. Thanks lady! 🙂 Oh man, I never connected the coke use with their physical appearance but now it all makes sense! I do hope Dinklage gets nominated for something… he deserves it! Plus broadcasting that beetles speech all over the world in an awards context would be super funny.

      1. For sure then everyone will appreciate Orson and his beetles!

  8. LOL. Anna, this is awesome. Coke nail. I am still laughing.

    1. Haha! It really does look like a big ol’ coke nail.

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