September 2014 Favourites

fav-sept2014Time flies! Can you believe it’s already October? September was a pretty hectic month. I admittedly found it a bit difficult to keep up on everything here because work was insane. But I’m always up for a celebration of excellent things around WordPress and the general internet, so here’s another post filled with some of my favourite posts from this past month!

Firstly, a celebration of the humble newspaper, over at Once Upon A Screen…. This post really reminded me of the ‘little things’ about cinema that get stuck in your head and that you might find fascinating forever. For me, it’s always going to be the double-taking pigeon from Moonraker (1979). I will actually never get over it and I often think about that pigeon out of nowhere. For Aurora, it’s the newspaper, as featured in classic cinema. Well worth a look!

Abbi of Where the Wild Things Are did a Game of Thrones tour and it looks absolutely amazing! Have a look at her post here, which contains some gorgeous photos and descriptions of the locations she and her friend Jen were lucky to visit!

dale and brennan

Who doesn’t love a good bromance? Cara of Silver Screen Serenade highlighted her top ten movie bromances this month and I love all of these bros. Particularly Dale and Brennan. Top stuff.

Glorious design blog Moss & Fog highlighted an intriguing project called ‘FILMography’ by an artist called Christopher Moloney. Christopher printed off stills from a selection of films and matched that print-out with their real-life locations in the present day. It’s a project that’s difficult to describe but the results are awesome. Have a look here!

The lovely Alina of Literary Vittles has moved to New Zealand and now we are practically neighbours! Have a look at her adventures in the beautiful Kiwi country over at her blog! Here’s day one, where she and her partner actually climbed to the top of a volcano, which I thought was pretty productive and impressive for the first day in a new country. Beautiful photos as well.

Do mermen have penises? If that’s a question you’ve ever wondered, the Brain Gremlin over at Screenkicker! has the answer for you. Don’t be embarrassed, everyone has wondered about this at least once.

Rumour has it that Eric of Isaacs Picture Conclusions is making a film! Rumour also has it that the trailer that Luke from Oracle of Film made is pretty faithful to the potential excellence of this future cinematic masterpiece. Oscar-worthy.

Sati of Cinematic Corner continues to be a total badass in terms of her cinematic taste, and has dedicated her blog to David Fincher (and Stephen Dillane…. no complaints here) this month in anticipation of Gone Girl (which I am also really looking forward to seeing). Sati highlighted the rowing scene from The Social Network (2010) for a Scene of the Week post. That scene is one of the first things I think of when I think about The Social Network. Love this post.

Hello, Fig is at it again in terms of creating strangely amazing collage art. This portrait is awesome and I wish my hair looked like that all the time.The excellent Alex of Alex Raphael recently visited Rome on a lovely holiday and his post on the Vatican has some really beautiful photos that make me want to go back post haste!


Lisa of Through the Shattered Lens has been watching and reviewing a lot of school-themed films for the past five weeks and so many awesome films have been highlighted. Well worth a read over here!

If you’re a fan of Luis Buñuel and surreal cinema, you may know of Jean-Claude Carrière, who collaborated with Buñuel on legendary films such as The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972), Belle de Jour (1967), and That Obscure Object of Desire (1977). Over at Public Books (bookmark it now – so much interesting stuff over there), there’s an amazing interview with Carrière which sheds some light on his collaborations, creative process, and on what it’s like to be a screenwriter, plus many more interesting aspects of his fascinating life experience. So great.

That’s pretty much it for this month! Here’s to a more productive October with many more wonderful things to look at, read, and enjoy.


  1. Anna!! Another excellent post!!

    Anna!! My movie comes out Friday!! On my site!! I’m really excited!!


    1. Thanks Eric! And what an amazing work of art it was! 😀

      1. #ForYourConsideration

  2. Such an honour to be mentioned on such a fab feature 🙂

    1. Thanks Alex. 😀 Wishing I had a time travelling machine to take me back to the Vatican/Rome!

      1. I hope London is on your list too 🙂

        1. Absolutely! I’ve never actually been to London or explored the UK before. The closest has been spending about four hours total at Heathrow airport. What an adventure!

  3. Great links, it must be such an honour to be mentioned on one of these posts.

  4. Thanks so much for the link! YES my blog is heavy Dillane centric <333 🙂 I'm so glad people liked my Fincher's post and I'm just dying to see Gone Girl next week!

    1. Any time Sati! 😀 I love seeing the face of the One True King whenever I visit. Watched a random episode of GOT with him in it the other day and almost swooned.

  5. Once again, thank you for this shoutout, lovely lady! I love that you do these posts! Great way to highlight the awesome things people are up to! 🙂

    1. Thanks Cara! 😀 I love to share the love!

  6. I love these round-ups! Thanks so much for the mention! 😊

    1. Thanks Abbi, and you’re welcome! 😀

  7. Hey Anna thanks for the mention. I always get so happy when I see my name pop up in your blog!

    By the way I LOVE your new banner on the site. Especially the Zardoz drawing!

    1. Thank you and you’re welcome Mikey! Gotta love that Zardoz costume, what a crack up.

  8. An excellent roundup this month! I think I clicked on almost all the links! hehe
    And wouldn’t it be surreal if we managed to meet up in Australia?! I mean, it’s just a hop away from New Zealand, right?? 😀

    1. Thanks Alina! That would be super surreal! New Zealand is just a couple of hours away after all. If you make it to Melbourne let me know and I’ll give you the super secret tour!

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