On Location: Monk’s Café




This was almost a religious experience for me. Wandering down Broadway we came across West 112th St, and there was the restaurant I’d seen on television so many times before – Monk’s Café, from one of my favourite shows of all time, the one and only Seinfeld.

In real life it’s Tom’s Restaurant, however, and the inside looks nothing like what we see on TV. But just seeing that famous neon sign was so exciting. It’s the little things in life, really.

Photos shot on iPhone 5.

Hint for tomorrow’s photo: a joyous literary dance party.


  1. Glad you made it to Monk’s! I would love to visit. Seinfeld is my favourite comedy show! Closely followed by Curb Your Enthusiasm. I wrote a couple if posts a few weeks ago on Larry David’s most controversial writing on the shows, he’s a genius!

    1. It was so great! We didn’t go inside but had a sneaky peak through the window. Seeing the sign was awesome enough for me, such a big fan. I love Curb as well, Larry David really is a genius!

  2. wow. jealous!

    1. It’s funny because only crazy Seinfeld fans could ever understand the joy that one neon sign could bring!

  3. Too cool Anna. Id’ love to see what the interior looks like, no matter how different. 🙂

    1. Thanks Tom, I almost wish I had gone in for a coffee!

  4. I have always wanted to go there! I passed by it last time I went, but I didn’t get to go in. How cool! Jerry!!!!!!!!

    1. I sometimes wonder if Jerry Seinfeld ever drives past and has a laugh to himself!

      1. Haha right… did you go in and order a coffee?

        1. I didn’t, which I really regret now!

  5. Where’s the one of you crying?!! 🙂 of course I’m kidding, great post! That is truly brilliant!!!

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