On Location: The Time & Life building





This was one of those film locations that I stumbled upon accidentally – whilst walking past, I noticed the strange pattern in the concrete footpath and that it looked a lot like a certain scene in Rosemary’s Baby (1968). Then I looked at the mural inside the building next to the footpath, and the name of the building, and was certain of it. Having a search for some screencaps confirmed my random encounter!

This location is the Time & Life building, located at 1271 6th Avenue and West 50th Street. The mural inside is by Fritz Glarner, but reminds me a lot of the famous style of Mondrian. In the film, Rosemary (played by Mia Farrow) is set to meet up with her friend Hutch (Maurice Evans) at the Time & Life building, after she has become pregnant and her health has deteriorated. Rosemary goes to meet him at the building but finds herself stood up in mysterious circumstances, with her creepy neighbour Minnie Castevet (Ruth Gordon) close by.

This is the second location from Rosemary’s Baby that I’ve posted, and I’m quite psyched to have been able to see two locations from one of my favourite films of all time. Pretty funny that just randomly walking down a street you can see something so exciting and significant. I suppose that’s half the fun in staying in such an amazing and dynamic city.

Photos shot on iPhone 5.

Hint for tomorrow’s location: Orange mocha frappuccinos!


  1. Oh this is great! It’s really interesting how many of those famous places were featured in Rosemary’s Baby.

    1. Thanks Sati, I’m loving it! Seems like Polanski picked the places with really interesting design concepts for the film.

  2. […] and cinematography, and Rosemary herself proudly appears at the top of my website. I even found two locations from the film when I visited New York City last year. Back when I first heard that a remake was on […]

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