Search & Rescue #7: Gif Edition

Red_Cross_collieFor some reason, when collecting search terms for my Search & Rescue series in which I hope to assist seekers of knowledge who come across my blog, there have been a number of requests for gifs lately. Well, I’m here to help! For this lucky number of Search & Rescue posts, I thought I might do something special to assist searchers who are after visual rather than written information. If you ever wanted a gif featuring drag queens or creepy Game of Thrones characters, this post is for you.

throwing shade gif paris is burning


Bonus (not from Paris Is Burning):


sad joaquin phoenix gif


the carlton banks dance gif


mental health gif blue jasmine


creepy littlefinger gif


caligula gif without nudity


eyes wide shut weird gif


I don’t think I could finish this post on a more disturbing note than that, so, that’s it for now!


  1. The shaaaaaaaaaaade of it all!

    1. Haha! Do I detect a Drag Race fan?

      1. It’s the greatest show ever made.

        1. I would absolutely agree!

          1. I have discovered that they are putting on a live show featuring the stars of Drag Race, hosted by Michelle Visage at a club near where I live in April but I will be in South Africa so I can’t go. I am gutted!

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! I love these posts!

    1. Thanks heaps Eric! 😀

      1. #heapies

  3. Wonderfully quirky 🙂

    1. Thanks Alex! 🙂

  4. ahhaaha!! this is hilarious!! As usual, Littlefinger is my favorite!

    1. Thanks Alina! 🙂 That Littlefinger is a real piece of work!

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  6. Love this and I love me see some gifs and drag queens! haha

    1. Haha, thanks Melissa! Me too!

  7. This is gold!

    1. I am so late responding to this comment but thank you Elina! 😀

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