Genre Grandeur: An Education (2009)

February’s Genre Grandeur over at MovieRob focuses on coming of age films; a genre filled to the brim with developmental crises and life lessons. I reviewed An Education (2009), a film I enjoy very much. As always, check out the other Genre Grandeur reviews for this month as well!

Additionally, I was honoured to be given the opportunity to choose the next focus for March Genre Grandeur. I chose Latin Director films, which is not technically a genre but I’m really excited about it anyway. Thanks Rob! If you love Latin directors be sure to join in!


For this month’s next entry for Genre Grandeur February – Coming of Age movie’s, here’s a review of An Education (2009) by Anna of Film Grimoire

Thanks again to Justine of Justine’s movie blog for choosing this month’s genre.

Next month’s Genre, chosen by  this morning’s reviewer Anna of Film Grimoire will be Latin Director movies. To participate, send me your review to by 25th Mar.  Thanks to Anna for a great and diverse choice.

Let’s see what Anna thought of this movie:



Genre Grandeur: An Education (2009)

Based on the memoir of the same name by Lynn Barber, An Education (2009, dir. Lone Scherfig) tells the story of Jenny Mellor (Carey Mulligan), a young schoolgirl who is becoming bored with her suburban British lifestyle. By chance one day, she meets David Goldman (Peter Sarsgaard), a charming older gentleman who takes an interest in her. Over time, Jenny…

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  1. thanks Anna! great choice of movie for this gg and i love the choice for next month! tnx!

    1. Thanks heaps Rob, really looking forward to seeing the films people will pick! 😀

      1. me too. im also torn 🙂

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