Search & Rescue #8

Red_Cross_collieI’ve been collecting more search terms recently that seem to beg for answers, so here is another in my Search & Rescue series, where I assist seekers of erudite knowledge on their quest for awareness and self-enlightenment.

the building hakeem and semi lived in on coming to america
I actually visited Akeem and Semi’s house when I visited New York last year. Here’s my post on that glorious building.

sister act 2 yyyeeeesssssss
That’s more like the reaction that I have when I’m about to watch Sister Act (1992), not Sister Act 2 (1993).

i saw last night magic in the moonlight and i enjoyed pretty much, it was awesome, from an awesome woody allen.


when daenerys tells jorah to tell daario that jorah changed her mind, was that a compliment or insult?
I read that scene as almost like a compliment, but more of a way of encouraging Jorah and giving him a bit more self esteem. As if Daenerys was showing him that she still values him, even though she’s going around with Daario Naharis and has pretty much banished Jorah to the friendzone.

what was the hype about the movie “the interview”
It’s either that it almost caused World War Three, that North Korea responded to it in the stroppiest response ever, or that it caused a massive hack into Sony’s computer servers. Also it wasn’t too bad of a film and had the occasional laugh or two.

how did katy perry became famous
Hanging around at parties and getting photographed and also by having a pretty good singing voice and working hard to make people pay attention to her. All this and more in Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012)!

hazel grace lancaster

hazel grace at the beginning of the movie
See above.

short anime film about meeting at a gazebo
That would be The Garden of Words (2013). See also: film about shoe fetishists, film about people who like feet to a degree where it’s borderline creepy, film about awkward teacher/student relationships.

is gone girl worth watching
Yes, I loved it.


i thought the girl used to have braces in moonraker
I wish the girl still had braces in Moonraker (1979). This search is referring to Jaws’ girlfriend (pictured above), Dolly, who initially was intended to have braces. For some reason it was decided that she should have a mainstream set of teeth, which was a silly decision in my opinion. It would have been so cool for Jaws’ girlfriend to mirror his metal mouthed predicament. But instead they went for the sappy version where a normie falls in love with a Bond villain, which I suppose is meant to be heartwarming.

what does shailene woodley look like in real life
Kind of like this:


The one on the right.

is fifty shades worth a movie ticket?
Fifty shades of no. Unless you are drunk.

I hope this has helped those on a quest for very specific knowledge! What have been your favourite search terms lately?


  1. I love the fact some people will type out “what does shailene woodley look like in real life” instead of merely Googling “shailene woodley”

    1. The lack of logic never ceases to surprise!

  2. theipc · · Reply

    I don’t know if you ever look at the search terms on my site but this was a favorite from yesterday:

    squeeze and fondle


    P.S. I LOVE these posts!

    1. Haha! How appropriate! Maybe they were inspired by the current header? #johanssies

  3. Your readers are much more sophisticated than mine. Mine just like masturbation:

    1. That’s the best and most relevant title for a post ever!

  4. “The one on the right” hahahaha, that brought a smile to my face 🙂

  5. “i saw last night magic in the moonlight and i enjoyed pretty much, it was awesome, from an awesome woody allen.” – That’s brilliant.

    1. I’m still at a loss as to how that led to my blog when it’s such a strangely specific sentence! Love it.

  6. Bwahahahahahahahaha! Absolutely loved it, as always. WOW!

    1. Haha, glad you enjoyed! 😀

  7. Ha ha! These are great!

    I am surprised to see that someone would have such an enthusiastic reaction to “Sister Act 2”, but to each his own…

    1. Yeah, I’m surprised as well. It would definitely be the reaction I might have for the first one because that is a flawless piece of cinematic beauty. But the second one, not so much!

  8. You sure get some interesting search terms Anna.

    1. They’re pretty fun to collect over time! These are all dispersed between gazillions of searches for Eyes Wide Shut and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, searches which for some reason find my blog all the time.

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