The Five Senses Blogathon

01When I saw this blogathon over at the most marvellous Karamel Kinema, I knew I had to partake in it immediately. This excellent blogathon was created by Nostra of MyFilmviews (in association with MovieInsiders and Karamel Kinema) and focuses on the five senses of the human body – sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.

The intention for this blogathon is to focus on each of the five senses and identify a movie associated with them; whether it’s an entire movie or just a scene, or even something associated with going to the cinemas. I’ve really loved all the posts so far, and you can participate as well! Here’s the official announcement with the guidelines. Onwards!


1) Sight

If you’re a regular reader of the old Film Grimoire you may already know that one of my most favourite elements of a film is its aesthetics – cinematography, direction, art direction, set and production design, and costuming. I’ve always been attracted to films that are made in artful ways and visuals that reflect that art. So I would say that I associate ‘sight’ with the aesthetic elements of films, and most often a film’s cinematography. I often find that even with the worst of films, if I can find something I like about its visuals, then it’s the film’s saving grace. I often write about film visuals through photo posts, because it’s a bit of an obsession of mine.


2) Sound

I think I’ll always associate sound in cinema with the perfect mixing of music and visuals of Disney’s Fantasia (1940), a film that I used to watch over and over as a kid. There is an amazing selection of classical music matched with gorgeous visuals, ranging from the evolution of species and dinosaurs, to dancing mushrooms, to Greek gods and goddesses, plus the iconic broomstick and wizard Mickey segment, culminating in the arrival of a massive demon that always used to give me nightmares. Fantasia is a classic animated film for young and old, and I still love it to this day.


3) Taste

The first association with taste that came to mind was how I felt as a child watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971). I remember watching the film for the first time and seeing that first room of the chocolate factory – the Oompa Loompa forest with edible trees and foliage, huge gummy bears, a chocolate river and creepy tunnel, where everything is edible and hugely delicious. I remember wanting so badly to go to that place and eat literally everything. Also to drink all of the chocolate river, I don’t care if I get sucked up a pipe to a mysterious location and certain death.

popcorn buckets 001

4) Smell

Probably the most difficult of senses to pinpoint within the context of film. But I’m going to have to be traditional here and say that I will always associate the smell of buttered popcorn with seeing a movie at the cinema. Popcorn at home just isn’t the same.


5) Touch

I have to pick something sentimental here. You may know that before Christmas myself and my partner became owners of a little kitten named Cooper. Lately I’ve been loving watching films on the couch at home with Cooper on my lap, with his big purr and sleepy face. So I now associate watching films on the couch at home with a warm, relaxed cat who does get frightened when a film makes gun or explosion noises, but is otherwise an excellent film-watching companion.

This was a great blogathon! Are you going to take part? I hope so!


  1. Thanks for joining! Love your choices, especially Fantasia, which is an amazing example of sound. You are root that popcorn isn’t the same at home. Cinemas over here don’t have popcorn with butter though…

    1. Thanks heaps Nostra! No popcorn with butter?! That is a cardinal sin!

  2. These are excellent picks! I still need to finish throwing mine together, this is such a wonderful idea for a blogathon.

    1. Thanks Brittani! 🙂 I love this idea too, deceptively simple until you start thinking about it!

  3. Cooper…we had a cat that looked identical!!! Great choices.

    1. Thanks Keith! 🙂 Yeah, Cooper has a lot of identical twins it seems!

  4. Super idea, I like your choices! I’m gonna partake in it too!!

    1. Loved your post, the choice of Hook was genius!

      1. Thanks Anna 😉

  5. Very nice! Nostra has all the great blogathons. I’m sure the smell will always be the toughest to find something other than popcorn, but some great choices here.

    1. Thanks for those kind words, I always try to come up with something original!

    2. Thanks heaps! 🙂 Yeah, thought about it for a good while but couldn’t think of anything other than popcorn. Looking forward to see what other people pick for that one!

  6. Great picks, especially Willy Wonka. Fantasia is also a wonderful choice. It would’ve been great for sight or hearing.

    1. Thanks heaps Wendell! Disney’s Fantasia is just amazing in general, one of those films I’ll never get tired of watching.

  7. Love this post! Cooper is such a cutie! If I didn’t know better he could be a brother of my 2 cats, he’s the spitting image of them 🙂
    – Allie

    1. Thanks Allie! Yeah, Cooper is a charming lad. If only he would stop attacking our shower curtain!

  8. The snosberries taste like snosberries! Hello my dear nice post. Just think one more week and we will back to our GOT blogs. 🙂 Oh and I finished the book series I know who Lady Stoneheart is!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Woohoooo, it’s almost Thrones time! 😀 How does it feel to have finished the books and now be able to read posts without being scared of spoilers? Fingers crossed we get a bit of Lady Stoneheart this season!

      1. OMG it feels great but I hope I don’t get jaded and mad when they change scenes from the book!! I already saw a few things and I am getting upset haha. I do hope they show Lady Stoneheart!!!! And I am really mad that he has not released book 6 😦

  9. Excellent post Anna.

    1. Thanks Vinnie! 😀

  10. Great post. You have a lovely cat too. Say hi to Cooper 🙂

    1. Thanks Alex, shall do! 😀

  11. What a great idea for a blogathon! And I liked your choices very much – especially the popcorn.

    Great. That enticing photo you posted has me craving popcorn now.

    1. Haha! I hope you indulged your craving for popcorn and that it was mightily delicious!

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