March 2015 Favourites

fav-mar2015March was a strange month! It’s definitely the month that I’ve been the least active here in the entire history of the blog, probably because work has been completely crazy and I’ve been coming home and just collapsing asleep like some kind of robot with depleted batteries. But I promise I have been reading everyone’s posts this month, and here is the evidence – I’ve collected some of my favourite posts from March here to share with you all.

I can’t start a favourites post without mentioning my favourite blogging event ever – the splendiferous Shitfest at Isaacs Picture Conclusions. That parade of awesome reviews of shitty films has sadly come to an end and the winner was officially crowned. Congratulations Luke of Oracle of Film! Your dissertation on the sequels planned for Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) was awesome and your artistic skill is unmatchable.


If you ever wanted to know more about the works of Carl Theodor Dreyer, here is a fabulous post sourced from CURNBLOG which is an informative and passionate introduction not only to his works but also to the reasons why he is one of the best filmmakers of all time. I would agree with that sentiment, Dreyer is amazing.

March was the month of the Begorrathon, a celebration of Ireland in film and literature. One of my favourite posts from that Irish love fest is this hilarious list of horribly fake Irish accents in films over at The Fluff is Raging. I have to say, bad accents are one of my favourite things on earth to laugh at. Julia Roberts’ mangling of the Irish accent in Mary Reilly (1996) is so bad it’s almost good.


Game of Thrones season five is almost here! I’m super excited for the new season, but I’m also really excited to hear what prolific Thrones recapper Sati of Cinematic Corner has to say about it. Here is an amazing breakdown by Sati of the second trailer that was released, and here (warning: spoilers!) is another amazing post detailing 11 things to look forward to in season five. By my count there’s about nine days to go until season five airs. Counting down!

One of my favourite highlights of March was being honoured with the opportunity to choose the genre for Genre Grandeur over at Movierob. I chose the semi-genre of films that were directed by someone who hails from Latin America; also called Latin-directed films. I’m still truly not sure if that could technically be classed as a genre, but there were so many great reviews posted, and you can check them all out here.


I am also really excited for the upcoming Bond film, Spectre. This month the trailer was released and everything exploded at my house because my partner is the hugest Bond fan I know. I really enjoyed Curtis’ post on the new trailer over at The Hypersonic55’s Realm of Reviews and Other Stuff.

I really loved Paul of Infinite Crescendo‘s post on his 25 favourite movie endings. The top ten is pretty flawless, and reminded me to rewatch many excellent films. It goes without saying, but there are spoilers for the endings of a lot of films in that post (surprise), so watch out!


Are you the kind of person who cries after the opening sequence of Up (2009)? I know that sentence covers about 99.9% of people. If you love this Pixar classic then you’ll love Cara of Silver Screen Serenade‘s Up edition of Schuster Sister Shenanigans, where Cara and her sister break down a film via text messages whilst watching the film simultaneously. Firstly, I really love this concept, and secondly, there are always LOLs to be had with these two ladies. This one is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, given the emotional nature of the film. Love it.

And lastly, here is a beautiful video from wonderful design blog Moss & Fog. This video shows gorgeous visuals from a cave called the SÆ¡n Đoòng Cave in Vietnam, set to really relaxing ambient music. The video really speaks for itself, it’s a must see. I would love to travel there one day and explore this amazing cave.

Those are my favourite posts for March, hope you enjoyed! Did you have any favourite posts you’d like to share this month? Feel free to leave them in a comment below!


  1. Faith and begorrah! Tanks for de shout-out. You’re a corker, to be shure! Oi’m shurely tankful

    1. Haha! To be sure to be sure!

  2. Have a wonderful Easter Anna

    1. Thank you Alex, hope you had an amazing one!

  3. I can’t wait for Game of Thrones! It’s a little fun, yet scary as a book fan because I don’t know what to expect this season.

    1. I can definitely relate to that, when watching with my partner and friends I’ve always been the smug book reader who knows everything. This new season is throwing us into unknown territory and it definitely is quite scary! But I’m really looking forward to it!

  4. Victory speech coming soon…

    1. And what a victory speech!

      1. I am blushing.

  5. Thanks so much for the links! YEY it’s Thrones premiere week next week! 😀

    1. Any time Sati! I’m so psyched, cannot wait! 😀

  6. Anna!!!!!

    Thanks for the mentions and thank you for everything!!!


    1. You’re welcome Eric, thank you for being the lord supreme commander of Shitfest!


      1. I live to serve you!


  7. Great round-up!

    1. Thanks heaps Abbi! 😀

  8. Cool round-up yo, covered a lot of different things. I’m totally psyched for Game of Thrones too, the trailers and behind-the-scenes videos have just made the waiting that much harder! 😛 And thanks for the shout out yo, that was a delightful surprise.

    1. Thanks Curtis! Not long to go until Thrones now! 🙂

  9. Once again, LOVE all of things you’ve covered. Dang, March was a solid month! And there’s SO MUCH to look forward to!!! Cannot wait for GoT next weekend. And that Spectre trailer is awesome! Thanks so much for the mention, lady! You’re the best! 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed! Simply cannot wait for Thrones, not long now!

      1. I am super belated in responding to this…but yaaasss GoT!!! Did you enjoy the premiere??

  10. Great stuff to read here. Hopefully, things will slow down enough for you to get back to blogging a little more often.

    1. Thanks Wendell, I hope so too!

  11. great recap Anna. You chose a great genre and it really got a lot of love from so many bloggers out there. Always a pleasure having u join in!.. Thanks for the shout out as always!

    1. Thanks heaps Rob! 😀

  12. Glad to see you’re excited about Spectre.

    1. Really looking forward to it, I’m intrigued by the mystery of Christoph Waltz’s character!

      1. Same here, it looks so intriguing Anna.

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