April Fools 2015: Breaking Dawn pt. 2 (2012)

Another April Fools day, another inspired series of posts over at my favourite Silver Screen Serenade – last time we discussed our favourite April fools, and this time we’re sharing stories of the times that we were fooled by cinematic surprises or twist endings. I chose to out myself as being fooled by a Twilight movie, which is slightly shameful, but I feel better for having admitted it. Make sure you read the rest of the series because there have been some amazing posts so far!

Silver Screen Serenade

twilight april fools

Happiest of Wednesdays to you, amigos! Got a little something to brighten your day: another lovely guest post for April Fools! Today, I’m thrilled to welcome to the exceedingly awesome Miss Anna of Film Grimoire! If you follow me, I’m positive you follow Anna, too, but on the slim chance that you don’t change that…like, right now.

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  3. […] one (due for release in 2018), because with terrible series’ like this (kind of like the Twilight films), I need closure to make sure the thing has gone away forever. But ultimately, this Fifty Shades […]

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