May 2015 Favourites

fav-may2015What a month! May was another month where it was a bit quiet over here at the old Film Grimoire. Work has been quite crazy and my assignments for my Master’s have all been due at the same time, so I’ve been doing quite a bit of lurking. But I certainly have been enjoying the posts I’ve been lurking on. So here is a selection of my favourites from this month, and I hope you enjoy them as well!

Craig of Craig’s Movie Report posted a lovely write-up this month of his favourite scenes that make the movie; defined as the little moments in a film that stick out and make the film memorable. I loved this post because it’s so interesting to see which little moments stick out for different people in certain films!

Sometimes you can make art out of the strangest things. Like this post at Moss & Fog, where some Spanish architects made some beautiful light boxes out of melted Haribo gummi bears. The video is strangely hypnotic, definitely worth a watch.

Amazing blog Mettel Ray has just turned five years old! This post on five little things that keep the blog (and Getter) running was a nice read. It’s always interesting to read insights on blogging from lots of different people. My list would read like this: 1. coffee, 2. coffee, 3 – 5. coffee.


I participated in the excellent Decades Blogathon this month, hosted by Three Rows Back and Digital Shortbread. I wrote about Deep Red (1975), but there were some other amazing posts that you should read – for example, Eric of Isaacs Picture Conclusions‘ posts on Jaws (1975), Cindy Bruchman‘s post on Barry Lyndon (1975), and Drew of Drew Reviews Movies‘ post on Tommy Boy (1995).

I loved this post by Courtney at Cinema Axis, which poses the very important question – are we killing the element of surprise in cinema? Seriously, there is just too much content in trailers these days, plus social media campaigns that reveal everything before we even get the chance to be surprised. I’ll never forget the feeling of being surprised and delighted by seeing certain characters in the Harry Potter films for the first time, without the social media barrage. Sad to think that a time like that is lost. What do you guys think?

The lovely Alina of Literary Vittles proves again that New Zealand is a gorgeous place with her recent photos and travel stories from Mount Maunganui. So many cute sheep, I cannot handle it!


Spring Breakers (2013) was a pretty divisive film. I really enjoyed it though. Alex of And So It Begins… identified his top 46 things he loves about the film this month. There are so many great moments here, and little insights into sound and production design.

I still haven’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) and it’s actually killing me. I have been reading everyone’s amazing reviews writing all about the production design, pacing and direction and it gives me serious FOMO. When I read Eric of Isaacs Picture Conclusionswrite-up on the film, which describes the film as “balls out awesome” I knew I had missed out on something supremely awesome. Fingers crossed I get to see it soon!

Here’s a selection of my favourite Game of Thrones posts, because Thrones season is the best season.


And, behold – the above image is probably my favourite thing this month. My favourite cross-continental extravganza Eurovision was this month and I’m still sad it’s finished. But one of my silly tweets was broadcast on national television! Which has been my dream since they started airing those tweets on television.

What were your favourite posts and random things this month?


  1. Congratulations. You are the best thing about Eurovision haha 😉

    1. Haha, thank you Luke! It was my proudest moment!

  2. You always choose the best of the best.

    1. Thanks heaps Vinnie! 😀

  3. If it makes you feel any better I haven’t seen Fury Road either 🙂

    Great post Anna! I’ll check out some of those posts I missed the first time.

    1. theipc · · Reply

      AM I going to have fly all over the world and round you two up and TAKE you to Fury Road??????

      1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha 🙂

        1. theipc · · Reply

          I guess I better break out my checkbook!

          1. I’ll meet you half way? Only fair!! 🙂

            1. theipc · · Reply

              We still have to pick up Anna! That’s gonna be a long trip!

              1. That’s okay!!! We’ll get there through our own steely determination and…….selling shower curtain rings.

                1. theipc · · Reply

                  By hook or by crook!

                  1. Speaking of which, we need to fetch Kim as well!!

                    1. theipc · ·

                      YES!!! Yes we do!!!

              2. A long trip, but imagine the good times!!


                1. theipc · · Reply


    2. Glad you enjoyed Emma! I still haven’t seen Fury Road and it’s driving me crazy! (Great pun by me there, I’m pretty proud of myself.)

      1. You’re steering your way to a comedy career!! (I’ll get me coat…)

        I do love a good pun!!!

        Haha, I STILL haven’t seen it either I’m useless lol. I’m going to see Insidious 3 tomorrow night though hee hee!! 😀

  4. And OMG about the Eurovision tweet!!!

    1. I am still way too excited about it! 😀

      1. You should be!!! I’d be hysterical ha ha 😀

  5. theipc · · Reply

    Great post, Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for talking about me!! PLEASE go see it. Please????


    1. I still haven’t seen it and it’s driving me crazy! My June resolution is to actually watch it. I hereby swear I will!


  6. Lots of great stuff, here. Love all thw ones I’ve read. Need to get to more.

    1. Thanks heaps Wendell, glad you enjoyed! 😀

  7. Thank you for the sound out, Anna! Love your blog, BTW. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Cindy, that means a lot to me! 😀

  8. A great selection of posts here Anna, plenty to get my teeth stuck into later eh!

    1. Thanks heaps James, hope you enjoy! 🙂

  9. Thank you very much for the wonderful shout! Many great links here!:)

    1. You’re very welcome, love your write-ups! 🙂

  10. Glad you enjoyed the sheep!! 🙂 I don’t watch Eurovision, but I still know about the infamous butter churning scene. Super cool your tweet got posted – did you get a massive uptick in followers immediately afterwards? I also haven’t seen Mad Max, which is frustrating because I usually like Charlize Theron (her multi-episode arc in Arrested Development was one of the best parts of the show; Sean Penn, not so much).

    1. I got a couple of followers afterwards but I think they all unfollowed me after they realised I hardly ever tweet apart from film stuff and random Seinfeld retweets! And seriously, Charlize Theron’s arc in Arrested Development is amazing! Reminds me I need to re-watch seasons 1-3.

  11. In May I actually watched the 1970s cheesy “The Omega Man” starring Charlton Heston. (The Will Smith movie, “I am Legend” was a remake of this.)

    Cheesy camera shots, cheesy hair, cheesy music. A lot of plot holes. Never, in good conscience, could I recommend it. However, it was oddly compelling.

    1. My favourite kind of cheese is 1970s cheese! The Omega Man sounds awesome and I’m popping it on the list!

    2. And by ‘awesome’, I mean awesomely terrible.

  12. abbiosbiston · · Reply

    Another awesome round-up and getting your tweet on Eurovision??? Amazeballs!

    1. Thanks heaps Abbi! It’s still my favourite thing ever! 😀

  13. Oh man I thought I left a comment here! anyways thanks so much for the link and the kind words!

    1. You’re very welcome Sati! I have been neglecting your amazing blog for too long, stuff has been nuts here but please expect a huge influx of comments from me soon!

  14. Thhank you for this

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