Cara’s Blogiversary Bash: My Favourites of 1973

One of my favourite blogs is Cara’s Silver Screen Serenade, which has recently turned two years old! I took part in Cara’s First Blogiversary Bash last year, writing about one of my favourite films ever, Spirited Away (2001). But this time I decided to write about what I have discovered is my favourite year for film – 1973. Read on for some quick reviews of some of the best of this momentous year!



When Cara announced that the 2nd Blogiversary Bash was coming up, my first instinct was to congratulate the lovely lady. But my second instinct was to reflect on what I could write for such an occasion. A little while ago I actually realised that the year of 1973 was when a number of my favourite films were released, and since the Blogiversary Bash is all about celebrating your favourite things, what better occasion to celebrate the year of these excellent films!

Without further ado, in order to celebrate the cinematically spectacular year of 1973, please find below five one-sentence reviews of five of my favourite films from this very special year.


Surreal and humorous, Frederico Fellini’s visually beautiful critique of Italian social nuances is a must watch; the storytelling is effortless, the direction is perfect and the resulting combination of the two is stunning.


The Exorcist
One of the most iconic and nightmare-inducing horror films of all time with its disturbing content, killer direction and amazing soundtrack, The Exorcist is such a classic, and who could ever resist the lure of green projectile vomit?


The Holy Mountain
Probably my favourite film of all time and one of director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s premier works of genius, there is literally no other film like this in existence; it is a truly individual work of surreal, provocative, and highly symbolic art.


Live and Let Die
My favourite Bond film, this cheesy tale of espionage with a blaxsploitation twist is just the beginning of Roger Moore’s campy efforts as the not-so-secret secret agent.


The Wicker Man
This film is so unsettling and creepy in a subtle way, I love its themes of the druid religion and the slow building of paranoia throughout; infinitely better than the lame yet hilarious 2006 remake.

Do you guys find that there are particular years in time when a whole bunch of your favourite films are released? If so let us know below!


  1. I like the challenge of describing the film in a sentence. You have great choices here! Happy anniversary; you are a fine friend to help Cara celebrate.

    1. Thanks heaps Cindy! 😀 It is a bit of a challenge to review a film in one sentence but it’s also fun to really try to condense your thoughts down!

  2. interesting choices anna! Only seen 2 of them (Exorcist and LALD)

    I love 1994 and 1999, both had some great releases!

    1. Thanks Rob! 1994 was an awesome year for film. I’ve also heard lots of people say 1999 as well! What’s your favourite film from 1999?

      1. Green mile of course 😉 I recently did lists if all my favorite movies from 1980 til now

  3. theipc · · Reply

    Great post, Anna Banana!


    1. Why thank you EI!


  4. 1987: Greatest Year in the History of Cinema

    1. Also the year of my birth so probably the best year of all time for me.

  5. Yay!! Thank you again for doing this, lady. I seriously love this idea. I may have to steal it at some point… 😉

    1. Please do! 😀 I would love to read your take on the one sentence review challenge!

      1. Oh man. I was mainly talking about the picking a year thing. I don’t know if I could narrow it down to one sentence! I’m very wordy! Bahahaha.

  6. Oh dear. I haven’t seen ANY of these films.

    Well, that just means there is some great movie-watching ahead, no? Thanks for the introduction to some of these titles that I’ve never even heard of before.

    1. Oh my gosh, you have so much great movie watching ahead of you! I’d suggest starting with the Exorcist for sure.

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