Search & Rescue #9

Red_Cross_collieIt’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a Search & Rescue post, where I respond to some strangely specific search queries in order to help the good people of the internet in their quest for knowledge. This time around I got a lot of queries about sex scenes in Game of Thrones, and a lot of queries about feet. But there were a number of questions I knew I could help people out with.

did sansa want to push joffrey
Back at the end of season one of Game of Thrones, also known as the happy time when the show didn’t stray too far from the book, then-King Joffrey took Sansa to a wall at the Red Keep where he had put her father’s head on a spike. There was a moment where Sansa and Joffrey were standing on a bridge with a long drop below, and it did look as if Sansa was about to push him over the edge, or maybe to jump off the edge herself. Then the Hound intervened and it didn’t happen. Imagine how different the story would be if he had been pushed off.

the exact location of alice in wonderland statue in central park
You can find it on the east side of the park, near 75th St. Here is a map of where you can find the statue. And here is my New York post where I found the statue!


where was the house of black and white filmed
The interiors were shot at Titanic Studios in Belfast, but the exterior is a set built in front of a place called the Zagreb Hotel in Croatia. Here are some interesting photos of the set being constructed.

استاکر تارکوفسکی
The above Arabic phrase translates as “Tarkovsky’s Stalker”. I wrote a review for Stalker (1979) here!

how much was kelly marcel paid for 50 shades?
Whatever it was, it was too much.

i’d like to see the construction of the eye
Here you go:

eye_anatomy 2

who was the lannister that is helping the high sparrow
It’s our good friend Lancel Lannister!

what is the meaning of this quote “in the darkness you could hear the crying of women, the wailing of infants and the shouting of men”?
This quote refers to a letter from Pliny the Younger who witnessed and described the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in the year 79 CE, the volcano which destroyed the glorious city of Pompeii. The quote describes the plumes of smoke erupting from the volcano and covering the sky, forcing the people of Pompeii to cry out for their loved ones in the dark, to try and find safety.

what’s in the suitcase in pulp fiction
Half the fun is not knowing what’s in the suitcase and I would encourage you to become more comfortable with the ambiguities we experience in life. We never find out, but there’s a rumour that it’s filled with gold bars, or maybe just a warm-toned lightbulb. In any case, we will never know, and I think that’s kind of magical too.


christian grey and ana steele fanfiction
This search term blows my mind because the searcher is essentially looking for fanfiction about a book series that was initially penned as Twilight fanfiction. A fanfiction of a fanfiction. This is too Inception-y for me to handle.

why do the showrunners hate stannis
I will never understand this. Maybe because they are fixated on the fact that he’s more of a complex character than most and they don’t understand his logic, maybe they prefer to write people who are more straightforward or easily likeable. I still like Stannis because I read the books and know better than to believe the silly showrunners.
I think Sati said it best in the comments below: “showrunners hate Stannis because they are shallow idiots and he is not a young blonde with huge tits = waste of screentime”

390 south 5th street brooklyn
This is the address for Prince Akeem’s apartment from Coming to America (1988)! I visited the apartment when I went to New York last year. See my visit here!

That’s it for now! What kind of crazy search terms have you been receiving lately?


  1. Great idea, loved it! Love the doggy pic too 🙂

    1. Thanks Emma! 🙂 It’s meant to be a search and rescue dog, it’s like my mascot for these posts!

  2. “I would encourage you to become more comfortable with the ambiguities we experience in life.” Preach sister. Also, I love that you have visited Prince Akeem’s apartment! so cool

    1. I loved visiting that apartment! It was in a kind of dodgy neighbourhood though and I felt so paranoid taking photos. All worth it though!

  3. GREAT post!!! I would to flagrantly copy this idea and reference you – would you mind?


    1. Please do! I would love to see your take on a Search & Rescue post!


      1. I’m on it!

  4. showrunners hate Stannis because they are shallow idiots and he is not a young blonde with huge tits = waste of screentime

    1. I love this comment so much that I edited my post to include it!

  5. Great post, Anna! Love when you do this. 🙂 I’d always heard the theory that it’s Marcellus Wallace’s soul in the suitcase in Pulp Fiction. And I love that you visited the Coming to America apartment! 🙂

    1. Why thank you T9M! Imagine if it really was his soul in there, I love that. And I loved visiting the apartment! It was so much fun wandering around NY and finding all those film locations.

  6. Love reading through the search terms you get.

    1. Some of them can get pretty weirdly specific!

  7. That search for Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele fan fiction? Yeah, that was me. Whoops.

    1. Haha! I hope you found what you were looking for Tom!

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