“Is it worth paying for a ticket?”: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

-3The fifth in the Mission: Impossible film franchise, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015, dir. Christopher McQuarrie) is a fast-paced and action-packed tale of two groups trying to out-espionage one another. Its synopsis is as follows:

Ethan and team take on their most impossible mission yet, eradicating the Syndicate – an International rogue organization as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying the IMF. (source)

This is going to be a really quick review. Straight up: I wasn’t a fan of this. If I’m being honest, Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt this time around appears flat, lifeless and uncharismatic. His stunts are great and the fact that he’s able to pull them off is quite impressive, but half the stunts just feel like an opportunity for Cruise to feel blood running through his veins again. The funny jokes between Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner were completely ruined because I now really dislike Jeremy Renner as a result of this video. Quite easily the best thing about this film is Rebecca Ferguson as femme fatale Ilsa Faust, a double-crosser with a hidden agenda. She physically looks like a young Katherine Hepburn which occasionally blew my mind, and it’s great to see a super strong woman in the franchise who doesn’t devolve into a sideline love interest. It’s just a bit of a shame that she and Cruise don’t have much charisma together, either.


I have no idea what to say about the story because I found it quite confusing to follow. It may have been too much for my tiny brain to watch after a long day at work. It felt plot-holey with too many deus ex machina saves at the last minute, which threw out my engagement with the story. I suppose my very favourite thing about the film, aside from Rebecca Ferguson, was the direction by Christopher McQuarrie. There’s one particular underwater sequence that is shot in an impeccable manner, building tension in such a way that you feel like you’re holding your breath along with the submerged characters. The cinematography by Robert Elswit was another highlight. Elswit was the cinematographer for Nightcrawler (2014) and the two feel similar somehow, with a lot of energy buzzing in each shot.

By the end of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, I was literally falling asleep. I have no idea how this film ends and I can’t recall the final 20 minutes. I hope it all worked out alright for everyone involved. I could easily blame this on the fact that I had a long day at work before watching the film in the cinema, but at the same time, if this film had been effective at hooking me in then it wouldn’t have caused me to fall asleep in the first place. There’s something truly pitiful about an action film that sends you to sleep. If anything, I suppose I’m glad we chose to see this at the cinema instead of Fantastic Four (2015).

Is it worth paying for a ticket?: Not really.
Watch the trailer here.


  1. I saw the first three and was too worn out to see any more.

    1. They can be a little bit exhausting!

  2. End of the film was the least memorable part. You didn’t miss much. The film pulls out the big guns for the beginning.

    1. It sure did, what with the whole plane heist and everything. That was a pretty explosive beginning for sure.

  3. Great review! Makes a change from other critics gushing over it.
    Personally, I cldn’t tell th difference between any of th MI movies – probably won’t traipse over to th local popcorn parlour now that I’ve read this

    1. Thanks heaps! Yeah, I think with these, once you’ve seen one you’ve seen most of them. Except for the one that was genuinely terrible, which I think may have been the second one. I didn’t mind the fourth one. But I have to say I prefer the original television series over the films.

      1. Solved th go see/no see MI dilemma by watching Th Man From U.N.C.L.E. instead!
        Sure, not as great as it cld be, bt it’s a FUN package – cool visuals, groovy soundtrack and 3 engaging leads! Check it out!
        When was th last time w saw Tom Cruise having FUN…?

  4. I loved it simply for the fact it was an action-bonanza that appealed to all the macho centers of my brain. Even my wife didn’t mind it which was surprising. I too like that you had a differing opinion than most.

    1. Haha! You’re right, it is a bit of a macho adrenaline-junkie film for sure. I think when it comes to this franchise you know you’re in for a wild ride, I suppose I just wasn’t switched on enough for this one!

  5. Interesting review Anna, I actually enjoyed Rogu Nation but hey we all have different views and tastes (look at me, I liked the new Fantastic Four film that everyone and their aunt is hating!).

    1. Thanks Chris! I’m actually glad that someone is sticking up for Fantastic Four, I haven’t seen it yet but the universal hate actually feels a bit sad! I really like Miles Teller so I plan on seeing it at some point.

  6. Interesting read, this is actually my favorite of the series!

    1. Thanks Lukas! I think my favourite is the fourth one, definitely didn’t fall asleep in that one!

  7. I have been begging anyone to watch this with me in the theaters and I can’t find the time or a friend to go with me. I am a fan of the franchise and will probably buy it. It should be seen on the big screen. How ironic you fell asleep! 🙂

    1. I do hope you end up seeing it eventually! I will say that the effects looked pretty great on the big screen (the ones that I was awake for). It sounds a bit silly, falling asleep in an action film, but it definitely happened!

  8. I thought it was fine, but forgettable, and don’t understand why so many people are impressed with it.

    1. Yeah, it kind of felt like all of the other ones, except with a cooler and more awesome female protagonist.

  9. Good write up! 🙂

    I haven’t seen any of these films since I grew up on the original TV series (via repeats and my Dad’s DVD collection) and I can’t stand Tom Cruise! Not even Emmanuelle Beart could make me watch the one she was in… :/

    1. Thanks heaps! The original television series is pretty great, my partner is obsessed with it and rewatches it a million times per year. I really like the Operation Heart episode!

  10. Great post! Good to see someone not praising the hell outta this, I wasn’t planning to see it and now I definitely won’t. I have insomnia, if it put you to sleep then it sure as hell will do the same to me!!

    1. Maybe this film could cure your insomnia! 😀

      1. hey now that ain’t a bad idea!

  11. I really liked this one. I enjoyed the normal big action ticks, but I also love that Cruise’s Ethan isn’t the strongest character in the movie. In fact he is constantly being saved or having to rely on his team. I also loved that the film didn’t give us the same expected half-baked romance. Dunno, I just had a ton of fun with it.

    1. Actually that’s a great point, Ethan Hunt is always getting saved by the other members of his team. He’s like the anti-Bond, kind of. I also enjoyed that the two didn’t end up hooking up, that would have been really annoying!

      1. Yes! I loved that it didn’t follow the expected typical romance ane!

  12. I completely disagree. This movie was great. Ferguson was awesome and I hope she joins the team. They can ditch Renner, he sucks anyway.

    1. Oh yeah, I might be on board for the next one if they get rid of Renner entirely and keep Ferguson around. She was great!

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