Tokyo! (2008): Transformation, anarchy, rebirth.

Here’s a sneaky reblog of an older review of mine, on Tokyo! (2008) – a film in three parts, by three amazing directors. I was recently reminiscing about Monsieur Merde and how surreal and awesome Michel Gondry’s section of this film is. Time for a rewatch methinks!


tokyo_ver2Tokyo! (2008) is a collection of three short films, tied together by their location and surreal overtones. Three visionary directors team up for this bewildering film, each needing no introduction whatsoever – Michel Gondry, Leos Carax, and Bong Joon-ho. Each of the three short films has its own visual quirks, and is set up in full movie format within the overall film, title cards, credits, and all.

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  1. I loved that section, too! It was great seeing him return in Holy Motors.

    1. I loved Holy Motors so much. I think it’s time for a rewatch!

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