Film Grimoire is London-bound!

wrap_mapbritHi all, just a quick note (as previously detailed not so long ago in my blogiversary post) that I’m heading off to London tonight! I’m really super excited and ready to fly away (for a total of approximately 21 hours in the air), but I haven’t exactly finished packing, which is a bit of a problem.

From today onwards I’ll be posting pictures of my travels and wanderings around the city instead of my regular film reviews and random posts. As aforementioned in the above blogiversary post, I’ll be continuing my β€˜On Location’ photo series in London. That’s where I find film locations throughout the city and share them with you all to enjoy. I’m planning to do some really awesome things and am totally looking forward to finding many and varied interesting locations in the city.

I’ll be back to writing about film and sometimes television once I return from holiday in late October. But whilst I’m on holiday in this amazing city, please enjoy my random photos and film location findings from throughout the city!

Thanks everyone and hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚


  1. Have a wonderful time! London is a vast, unique city with an amazing history and stunning architecture. Looking forward to your travel posts.

    1. Thanks heaps Laura! I am loving it so far. What an amazing city.

  2. Enjoy! Be sure to go to Electric Cinema, which is a must visit…

    1. Thanks heaps Nostra, I’m going to check out Electric Cinema for sure!

  3. Enjoy your trip! I’ve never been abroad… its so sad 😦

    1. Thanks Jordan! You’ll get abroad one day and it will be awesome!

  4. EEK! Enjoy!!

  5. Soooo I live about 20 minutes away from London and work there so it would be great to meet up, watch a movie or something? I know a few good cinemas that are worth checking out. Like Nostra said, Electric Cinema is great as is the Prince Charles Cinema.

    1. That would be cool! Let us know what your availability’s like!

      1. Will do Anna, have a great time while I sort myself out haha!

  6. have a great trip Anna! Looking forward to ur on location pics

    1. Thanks Rob! πŸ˜€

  7. Sounds like you’re having a good time, in all the years I’ve been in London I’ve still have yet to check out that location at the Kings Cross train station. So how long will you be around in the UK? It’d be awesome to meet and hang even if it was briefly because I love to travel and hang in London. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m in London til the 25th! Would be super cool to catch up!

      1. Cool well I should be around on the 23rd so if you’re around it’d be great to see you πŸ˜€

  8. abbiosbiston · · Reply

    I’m in London! Wanna grab a coffee?

    1. That would be awesome! πŸ˜€

      1. abbiosbiston · · Reply

        I got a message from Alex Raphael that mentioned you were here and staying in Southwark. I work in Southwark so we could definitely organise something. I will DM you on twitter.

        1. Sounds good, we could catch up for lunch!

  9. Hope you’re having a great time Anna!

    1. Thanks heaps Adam, I’m loving it!

  10. Have fun in my home town! The film festival is all this week but you’ll be disappointed if you try and look for platform 9 3/4, as it’s just a long queue of tourists having their photo taken…

    1. Thanks Ewan, London is amazing! I did find Platform 9 & 3/4 and it was being totally swarmed by tourists. I’m tempted to join them and get a photo done!

  11. Ahmm…. Woah, I’m commenting! (?

  12. […] this time of year around my past two blogiversaries, I’ve previously announced some trips to exciting overseas destinations. But this time around I don’t have anything […]

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