On Location: A stunt on the Tower Bridge



Wandering past the Tower Bridge on the way to the tourist-trappiest wonderland of the Tower of London (which I loved because there’s no shame in my tourist trap game), I couldn’t help but remember the classic moment from childhood favourite Spiceworld (1998). In one particular scene, the Spice Girls are off to their concert in the Spice Bus and they’re in a bit of a rush, so much so that even the raising of the bridge doesn’t stop them from barrelling onwards. When watching the film it’s pretty clear that the budget may have been almost done by that point, or alternatively that someone decided to amp up the film’s campiness value even further. See the scene in this strange video tribute to the Spice Bus, at around the 3:30 mark.

Photo shot on iPhone 6.

Hint for tomorrow’s location: A memorial to those who give help.


  1. That. Bridge. Looks. Amazing.

    This is my cities version of an iconic bridge


    And don’t be fooled by the angle, there isn’t much else to see!

    1. Thanks Jordan! I love Adelaide!

      1. Have you visited here?

        1. Heaps, I have family in Adelaide and the Barossa. Love it!

          1. That’s awesome! I like it here tho the summers are a bit rough. Yay someone has heard of Adelaide 😀

  2. Great stuff! I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip. I LOVE the Tower of London. I went again about 3 or 4 years ago. My friend and I both had a bit of an obsession with the Tudors having read a bunch of Philippa Gregory novels and then watched the series with Jonathan Rhys Myers.

    Are you in London the whole time or will you be getting out and seeing any other sights?

    1. Thanks Laura! After going to the Tower of London, I really want to watch The Tudors! Half my friends have seen it already so it’s just about time. I’m only in London for these two weeks whilst my partner is at a conference. But I’m absolutely loving it and there seems to be more to see every day!

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