On Location: MI6

The other day, whilst walking across Vauxhall Bridge, my partner and I spotted a familiar sight – the building for Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, MI6. As a certifiable Bond nut, Adam went a bit crazy and we posed for photos there and probably looked silly, but that’s fine. This photo is generally from the angle you see in Skyfall (2012) when M’s office explodes.

Photo shot on iPhone 6.

Hint for tomorrow’s location: A post-apocalyptic bridge.


  1. very cool. Did u see M?

    1. We were on the lookout, but no dice!

    1. It was really cool to see in person!

      1. And it’s made me even more excited for Spectre.

  2. missing London more and more each day! All the best 😀

    1. I will definitely miss London after I head home!

  3. abbiosbiston · · Reply

    It’s such a cool building!

    1. It really is! Looks like some kind of elaborate cake.

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