On Location: A post-apocalyptic Westminster Bridge

The view towards the famous Big Ben from Westminster Bridge is a photo that I would say all tourists visiting London will take at some point. The bridge itself is insanely busy during the day with tourists taking photos, people selling souvenirs, and relentlessly busy traffic. I like to think of the above two photos as a before and after of the impending zombie apocalypse; the second image being a key moment from 28 Days Later… (2002, dir. Danny Boyle), starring Cillian Murphy.

Photo shot on iPhone 6.

Hint for tomorrow’s location: A broken bridge.


  1. Whenever I’ve been on Westminster Bridge, I always think of this movie.

    1. Such an amazing film! Never gets old.

      1. Very true. I really want to watch it again now.

  2. This is one of my all time favorite movies. Did anyone try to reenact the scene? Maybe sport a crazy haircut, wear scrubs and walk around aimlessly with a plastic bag? … Wait a minute… Halloween 2015 here I come.

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