On Location: The Fighting Temeraire

It was a pleasant surprise when wandering the rooms of the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square to find ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ by J. M. W. Turner in room 34. It is in front of this highly symbolic painting in Skyfall (2012) that Bond and Q the gadgets expert meet for the first time. The image of the old boat being pulled along by new technology is a significant one within the story of the film. Additionally, the image of the old boat being tugged along to be eventually broken down is also highly referential to Bond’s older age and increasingly precarious role as an agent within MI6.

Photos shot on iPhone 6.

Hint for tomorrow’s location: Something that isn’t meant to be used as a slide.


  1. Paragraph Film Reviews · · Reply

    AW MAN – SO JEALOUS of all of these sneaky little 007 nooks and crannies! Are you following a real map of some kind?

    1. I’m loving finding them all! I don’t have a map, some have been surprises, but others have been going by memory of which films are located where and doing a bit of Googling. It’s good fun!

  2. This is a great one. Nice find.

  3. Ah, I absolutely love this scene! Very cool!

    1. It was so cool to see it in real life!

  4. […] Exports building from The Living Daylights (1987), the MI6 building from Skyfall (2012), and the Fighting Temeraire painting also from […]

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