On Location: Bond’s escalators at Charing Cross

After dinner the other night, Adam’s cousin casually mentioned to us that the scene in Skyfall (2012) where Bond chases the villainous Silva through a train station and onto a train was shot at Charing Cross station, right near Trafalgar Square. So of course we had to go straight there to check it out! The overall scene is quite tense and exciting but there’s one cool moment where Bond and Silva slide down the middle of the escalators. I couldn’t imagine that happening in real life as a) it would cause a scene, and b) there are some nasty signs in the middle which could cause the stunt to be quite painful.

Photo shot on iPhone 6.

Hint for tomorrow’s location: A cover for a secret organisation featuring Timothy Dalton.


  1. Love this but was hoping for a pic of you sliding on it!

    1. Wish I’d done that!!

  2. I completely forgot about this scene, think we passed through Charing Cross when I was in London. The image of Bardem and Deakins is oddly funny.

    1. I love that image! It was the only one I could find of someone sliding down the escalator. Just goes to show that sometimes there needs to be a bit of awkwardness behind the scenes to get that perfect shot. I love Deakins’ work in Skyfall!

  3. Great read – thanks for posting!

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