February 2016 Favourites

fav-feb2016February was a very quiet month over here at the old Film Grimoire, and for that I sincerely apologise! Starting a new job is pretty hectic but so far it’s been a great experience in a field in which I really love working. February was a great month, but I think March will be even better. Here’s a collection of some fun and interesting links that I enjoyed throughout the month.

Firstly, something for those with a sweet tooth. Abbi has been writing some fabulous posts sharing updates on her pregnancy, but she’s also been sharing some pretty amazing sounding recipes. Try and look at the photos of these creme egg brownies without immediately running to the supermarket to purchase the ingredients.

Rob of Movierob recently published his 200th review on his blog! Not only is this a fantastic feat, but Rob also celebrated this milestone by inviting his readers to submit films from specific years for him to watch and review in the lead-up to the milestone. I requested that Rob review The Secret Garden (1993), and luckily he really enjoyed it! Have a look at the rest of the reader-submitted films reviewed here.


I really love the films of one Alfred Hitchcock, as do many others. Keith of Keith & The Movies wrote a lovely post about five phenomenal scenes from Hitchcock’s filmography – that aren’t from Psycho (1960). And fair enough, because everyone talks about the shower scene (and others), but there are so many other amazing moments from his films which don’t get nearly enough love. The scene from Rear Window (1954) is one of my favourites. Keith also wrote a beautiful review of The Pianist (2002), which is on my Blindspot list for this year.

I didn’t watch the Oscars this year, although I am mightily happy that Leonardo finally won his golden trophy that he really did deserve, but I know that I can always rely on Melissa of Snap Crackle Watch! to recap all the ceremonies and events that I never get around to seeing. Melissa’s recap of the Oscars is pretty awesome and well worth a read both if you watched the ceremony, or if you haven’t watched it. I also really loved Melissa’s write-up of Oscar contender Carol (2015)!


One of my favourite things to discuss about films is production design. But I understand that the term ‘production design’ can mean pretty much anything to anyone, and can be difficult to narrow down. Luckily we have Jay of Assholes Watching Movies who has wrapped up the concept of production design in one handy post – well worth a read if you love your creative elements of film – and discussed this within the context of some of the Oscar nominated (and winning) films of 2015.

What happens when you decide to concoct the perfect Oscar winning film scientifically, using previous winners as predictors for future Oscar success? Ross V Ross set out to do just that. The result is something completely mindbogglingly awesome.


Lastly, Emma of emmakwall (explains it all) was quite recently very lucky in terms of finding a very rare (and excellent) CD, but also wrote a very thought-provoking post on her feelings about the Oscars which I very much enjoyed (given that I haven’t had a lot of time for award ceremonies lately and prefer to read fun recaps of them instead). Something Emma raised in this post was the idea of giving out awards for people doing normal tasks in their job, and I love that. I want the award for Best Case Note After Crisis Response. What kind of award would you win for your job?

Those are all my favourite posts for now, with many more read and enjoyed throughout the month. Did you have any favourite posts throughout the month of February? Feel free to share and share alike below!


  1. Hope the new job goes well for you!!

    1. Thanks heaps! I am really loving it! 🙂

  2. Reeeeally appreciate the inclusion. Thank you! And you just can’t go wrong with Hitchcock, right? As for The Pianist, I can’t believe it took me that long to write about it. Such a gem.

    1. You’re welcome Keith, I loved your posts and now I really can’t wait to watch The Pianist!

  3. thanks for the shout out Anna! always a pleasure and tnx for choosing a movie I really enjoyed 🙂

    1. You’re welcome Rob, so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  4. These post always showcase the best of the best.

    1. Thank you Vinnie! 😀

  5. Hi Anna, thanks for including us in your round-up, much appreciated! love your site, Ross McG

    1. Thanks heaps Ross! Loved your post!

  6. Again, wonderful rundown and links, thanks Anna!

    1. Thanks heaps Zoe! 🙂

  7. Lovely post Anna and thanks for the shout out!! 🙂 really was quite excited to see that!

    Those cream egg brownies sound amazing and more congrats to Rob as well! I LOVED your choice of Secret Garden, I haven’t seen it for maybe 15 years or so (more like 20…!) but I loved it as a child, I watched it so much 🙂 I can still remember it really well!

    And you’ll always be the winner for Best Case Note After Crisis Response to me!!

    1. Why thanks Emma! I’m waiting for my trophy to come in the mail! Meanwhile I can’t stop staring at pictures of those brownies.

  8. abbiosbiston · · Reply

    Thank you so much for the shout out and yay Leo!

    1. Woohoo! I’m still pretty happy that he finally got his prized trophy.

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