Search & Rescue #11

Red_Cross_collieIt’s been a while between drinks in my Search & Rescue series, so here I present to you a number of search terms I’ve been collecting from my statistics over the past couple of months, which seem to beg answers to some very interesting questions. For those who are new to Film Grimoire, I make these posts every so often and my goal is to help people out with their queries and dilemmas based on the search terms that reach my blog. The little dog to the right is the series’ official mascot (… he’s a search and rescue dog).

Without any further ado, here are some questions that I may or may not have answers for.

did dolly have braces in moonraker
This is one of the most enlightening search terms that has led to my blog. People are often referred here from this Reddit thread, where people are wondering whether the character of Dolly (villain Jaws’ girlfriend) had braces or not – many people remember her as having them in Moonraker, but she definitely doesn’t (which is a missed opportunity in my opinion). This is but one example of what is termed the Mandela effect – a phenomenon “where you realise that something you knew to be a general fact of the world, no longer seems to be true” (definition from the sub-Reddit dedicated to this effect).

is gordon levitt in beethoven
I’m assuming you mean Joseph Gordon-Levitt. IMDb says yes, and he is credited as “Student #1”. Apparently he’s one of these kids, but I’m unsure which one:


فيلم جون رامبو 2016
This translates as ‘2016 Film John Rambo’ from Arabic. Word on the street is that Sylvester Stallone is making a fifth and final Rambo film, entitled Rambo: Last Blood, however there is no release date as yet.

로즈레슬리 누드
And this translates as ‘Rose Leslie nude’ from its original Korean. I’m not going to post an image but this seeker of knowledge would have found themselves here since I’ve written about Rose Leslie as Ygritte quite a bit in my Game of Thrones recap/review posts. She appeared nude a couple of times on Game of Thrones, so fair enough.

why people need to see nudy flim
A complex question with a complex answer. Some people like admiring the naked human body as an art form. Other people watch films like Showgirls.


what was hbo’s rome based on?
Um, the history of Ancient Rome.

i couldnt finish days of future past
Neither could I.

hear the beep where you sleep poster ideas
Maybe an image of someone sleeping in a bed with a smoke alarm going off above their bed, but they continue to sleep with big Z’s coming out from their face. Or maybe someone sleeping in a space ship with a robot pressing buttons that make ‘beep’ noises. Or maybe someone sleeping in their bed with their phone making alarm noises but they keep pressing the snooze button and really annoying their partner as the beeps go off for an hour. The opportunities are endless!

why moonraker is awesome
I’ll answer this question with a video of the double-taking pigeon that they actually included in the film:

That’s just about it for Search & Rescue post number eleven. What kinds of amazing search terms have you been receiving lately?


  1. Love this feature

    1. Thanks heaps Alex! 😀

  2. This is awesome! I need to do a weird search terms post again!

    1. Thanks Abbi! I’d be interested to see the kinds of nutso search terms you get.

  3. Hi Anna! I’ve read some of the weirdest searches on my own filmblog and I’ve had the same idea for a while now, to do something with them. I was not sure how exactly until I saw that you do the same thing! Now I know how. Thanks for all the inspiration and I will link to your page! (I don’t write in English but in Dutch so I don’t think you will be able to read it 😉

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