A Timely Blogathon: Duck Soup (1933)

Here’s one of the more recent posts in A Timely Blogthon, hosted by Movierob and myself. This one is by S.G. of Rhyme and Reason – a wonderful review of the classic Marx Brothers film, Duck Soup (1933). Check it out!


This post is the next entry in this month’s A Timely Blogathon being run by Anna of Film Grimoire and myself.  This review of Duck Soup (1933) is by S.G. of Rhyme and Reason

Check out her site which is filled with recipes, podcasts and movie reviews galore!

Tnx for taking part S.G.!

a timely blogathon 1__________________________________________________________________________

Duck Soup (1933)


When you’re running a country, you’re obviously

The big man in charge, so how hard can it be?

You need not read up on its customs and laws;

Your gaffes you can write off as national flaws.

You don’t need experience, not anymore;

You’ll hire advisors and aides to ignore.

The perks are sublime; you can’t be extradited.

You’ll crash every party where you weren’t invited,

And when you find someone you’re eager to hit,

You can and then argue that he started it.

Just get rid of guillotines, rifles, and pikes,


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