A Timely Blogathon: Garden of Words (2013)

Here’s the latest review in A Timely Blogathon, over at Movierob. S.G. of Rhyme and Reason chose to review Garden of Words (2013), a short anime film. Check it out below!


This post is the next entry in this month’s A Timely Blogathon being run by Anna of Film Grimoire and myself.  This review of Garden of Words (2013) is by S.G. of Rhyme and Reason

Check out his site which is filled with movie reviews along with a poetry twist!

Tnx for taking part S.G.!

a timely blogathon 1__________________________________________________________________________

The Garden of Words (2013)


Pitter-a-patter, the rain comes a-falling,

The clouds congregate, and the wind begins squalling.

The sounds of the world are drowned out by the thunder,

As all creatures scurry for roofs to hide under.

As everyone must, the sky too does its weeping

And shares all its tears with the earth for safekeeping.

We patiently wait for the storm to blow through,

Then step out to witness a world washed anew.


MPAA rating: Not rated (could be PG but some language in the English dub bumps it to PG-13)

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  1. Loving this tiny little blogathon. Blogatini, maybe.

    1. Blogatini, I love it! Thanks Jay!

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