A Timely Blogathon: Duel (1971)

Check out Movierob‘s newest review for A Timely Blogathon – Rob reviewed Steven Spielberg’s Duel (1971), a film I’ve had on my list for quite some time.


This post is my 5th entry in this month’s A Timely Blogathon being run by Anna of Film Grimoire and myself.

a timely blogathon 1Stick around to see (at least) one new entry a day from many of the talented writers who have joined us in watching and reviewing films under 90 minutes long.

duel “I’d like to report a truck driver who’s been endangering my life. ” – David Mann

Number of Times Seen – 1 (7 Jul 2016)

Brief Synopsis – After passing a truck on the highway on his way home, a salesman ends up dealing with a road rage trucker hell bent on running him off the road.

Take on it – When going thru my list of films to watch in order to find ones suitable for this blogathon, I came across this film which was Steven Spielberg’s first full length film as director.

I have been meaning…

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