Every Bond Film Reviewed in One Sentence

Back in 2015, I attempted the mammoth task of reviewing every James Bond film (released at the time) in one sentence. Since my partner and I have just embarked on another Bond marathon (currently up to Live and Let Die), I thought I’d reblog this vintage Film Grimoire piece of work that I’m not half proud of! How would you review your favourite Bond film in one sentence?


My partner is the biggest James Bond fan I have ever known in my entire life. He has seen all of the films (except for Die Another Day and the Daniel Craig era ones) probably about one hundred times each. He’s recently started another Bond marathon, and I somehow came up with the idea of reviewing/commenting on each and every Bond film in one sentence each. Is that even possible to accomplish? Here goes!


Casino Royale(1967)
This film is ridiculously stupid and some may say it’s unwatchable, but I thought it was thoroughly amazing because given the constraints on the production and all the crazy shiz that went on behind the scenes, what has resulted is the weirdest and most subversive Bond film out of all of them.


Dr No (1962)
Not a lot of people like Dr No, but I do because the story is minimal enough…

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  1. This is still too good to be true.

    1. I gave it a good try!

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