Look Who’s Back (2015): Quick-shot review!

I don’t normally reblog reviews that I’ve written recently. But given today’s political events, I felt this was necessary.


er-ist-wieder-da-posterBased on the book by Timur Vermes, Look Who’s Back (2015, dir. David Wnendt) is a satirical comedy which ponders what might happen if a certain extreme right-wing fascist dictator might be brought back to life in modern day Germany. Its synopsis is as follows:

Adolf Hitler wakes up in the 21st century. He quickly gains media attention, but while Germany finds him hilarious and charming, Hitler makes some serious observations about society. (source)

Look Who’s Back is a nightmare tale, nicely directed by David Wnendt, with some particularly excellent editing by Hans Funck. What really would happen if Hitler came back to life? Would people take him seriously, or think he was a fake? Just how successful might his viewpoints and policies be in today’s day and age? Finding the answers to these questions is a funny and somewhat depressing journey. But this journey is peppered with…

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  1. Jordan Richardson · · Reply

    Very fitting.

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