On Location: Bond in New Orleans



“Who’s funeral is it?” … “Yours.”

My partner/fiance Adam (aka Mr Film Grimoire) is currently finishing up a whirlwind boys’ trip with his friends in the U.S. of A – they’ve been roadtripping across the majestic land of America from Los Angeles to New Orleans and having (from what I’ve heard) a lot of fun. However, I couldn’t help but assign Adam a little piece of homework to complete whilst on his trip!

The pre-title sequence of Live and Let Die (1973) contains three parts which all become integral to the story at large. First, we have the United Nations meeting in New York, then the bustling and jazzy streets of New Orleans, and lastly, the mysterious jungle of the fictional Caribbean island of San Monique. It’s probably one of my favourite pre-title sequences, and definitely one of my favourite Bond films overall.

So, since Adam and friends’ final destination is New Orleans, I set him the task of finding the street featured in the New Orleans segment of the pre-title sequence for Live and Let Die. As an extremely avid James Bond fan, I knew he’d be up to the task. After all, we have found five other Bond locations when travelling together – the Oh Cult Voodoo Shop in New York from Live and Let Die, this random door that he remembered from Die Another Day (2002), the Universal Exports building from The Living Daylights (1987), the MI6 building from Skyfall (2012), and the Fighting Temeraire painting also from Skyfall.

Adam ended up finding the street and sending me the above photo! If you’re visiting New Orleans, you can find this location on the corner of Dumaine and Chartres Streets, looking down Chartres Street. Just watch your back if you’re a spy, because people will know when you’re loitering, and it won’t end well.


    1. Love that moment, her expression with those big goggles is priceless!

  1. This is fantastic. Live and Let Die was the first Bond movie I ever saw and it has special memories. New Orleans is definitely on my to go to list.

    1. Thanks Vinnie! It’s a special film for me too. It was so amazing to go to the voodoo shop from the film in NYC, but I definitely want to visit New Orleans one day as well!

      1. New Orleans is on my places to visit too!

    2. Y’all come visit me in NOLA any time! I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t seen Live and Let Die…but I haven’t seen a lot of Bond. Don’t judge me.

      1. You should check out more Bond. If I’m ever around, I’ll pop in for a visit.

      2. No judgement here! 🙂 We’ll catch up for a drink when I finally make it to NOLA!

  2. That’s awesome! I’d love to visit some Bond locales

    1. I was so glad he found it! One of my favourite things to do when travelling is to scope out film locations. It’s such a weird and cool experience being somewhere that you’ve seen in a film.

  3. I haven’t been there yet, but it’s on my list.

    1. Me too! Maybe once this Trump schemozzle is all over and done with I’ll stop by.

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