My Movie Alphabet (Vol. 2)

During the month of May, there’s a great blogathon happening over at Mettel Ray, in celebration of a most fabulous seventh blogiversary! It’s called My Movie Alphabet Volume 2 (since volume one of My Movie Alphabet blogathon happened in 2012) – where bloggers make an alphabet of their favourite film things, whether that’s movies, actors, actresses, or directors, from # to Z. The rules can be found here! This was a really fun and challenging list to put together, so you should definitely participate before May 31st!

When it comes to my own movie alphabet, and when thinking of making an alphabet of my favourite films, I decided to take my picks out of the films I have already reviewed here at Film Grimoire. As a result of blogging here for almost four years (holy shit), I’ve reviewed a lot of my favourite films, and have made a pretty comprehensive index of all the films I’ve written about. For the purposes of this blogathon, to narrow down my list of films to choose for my alphabet, I decided to choose my favourite film out of each letter category from my alphabetical reviews index. It’s interesting because perhaps my choices would have been different if I had reviewed some different films! But still – my alphabet represents films that I find truly special in many and varying ways, and films that have had a lasting impact on me.

Without further ado, please see below for my movie alphabet!

Please note that X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) scored a mention in this post on a technicality, since technically it’s the only film I’ve reviewed that starts with the letter X! If I’d reviewed it, I probably would have chosen Xanadu (1980) for my alphabet instead, for its sheer camp gloriousness.

What do you think? What would make it on your alphabet? As aforementioned, this was such a fun and challenging list to compile because it really made me re-evaluate which films were most important to me. If you’d like to make a movie alphabet as well, check out the blogathon post at at Mettel Ray!


  1. This is such an interesting list! IT’s great you had a clear focus and idea in mind when starting to create your alphabet, it seems a lot easier to have a specific selection at hand. I know my selection was a lot harder and I could not just focus on movies, I think it would have been an even more difficult list to make.

    Thank you so so much for participating!! 🙂

    1. Thanks heaps! 😀 It was my delight to participate. I love things like this and can’t wait to see what the collective alphabet looks like in the end!

  2. Very nicely done, Anna! Some really great choices, here. I will say I’m a bit surprised by the appearance of The Act of Killing. It is an excellent doc, but a tough, tough movie to be someone’s favorite anything. Hats off to you for that.

    1. Thanks heaps Dell! 🙂 I had a lot of fun compiling this one. The Act of Killing is definitely a special documentary to me. When compiling this list I had to choose between picking films that made me feel good in a comfortable way, and films that were very challenging viewing and important as a result!

  3. Great list! It’s a perfect mix of classic films, offbeat choices and new things I don’t know…any list with both “Magnolia” AND “Under The Skin” is perfect to me!

    1. Thanks heaps John! Great minds! 😉

  4. I love this Anna.

    1. Thank you Vinnie! 🙂

      1. Then again, I love your blog in general.

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  6. There are so many movies on this list I haven’t seen! I guess it’s super useful for me though because I can read your reviews for them 🙂

    1. That’s the best thing about the Blindspot challenge – finally getting the motivation to see (and review) films I’ve been putting off watching for so long, or have somehow accidentally avoided! I love looking at everyone else’s Blindspots too. Such a great series! Glad mine is helping somewhat! 😀

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  8. “A world where Zardoz exists is a world worth cherishing.”

    1. I 100% agree! 😀

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