November 2017 Favourites

It’s December already?! This year has absolutely flown. I almost can’t believe it, but it does feel like December/Christmas creeps up too quickly every year, so it should be expected. As is tradition, here’s a post of all the things I enjoyed during November. It’s pretty thin on the ground because I feel like all I did this month was work and sleep!

Here’s a list of the films I watched during November this year:

  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)
  • Justice League (2017)
  • The Snowman (2017)
  • Good Time (2017) – absolutely amazing.
  • The House That Screamed (1970)
  • Bee Movie (2007)
  • Falling Down (1993)
  • Titanic (1997)
  • Jurassic Park (1993)
  • Home Alone (1990)
  • Deep Red (1975)
  • A Separation (2011)

I didn’t watch too many films in November, unfortunately, and a whole bunch were re-watches. But I feel like I’m finally seeing more films at the cinema, which is fun. Anyway, without further ado, here is a selection of some things I enjoyed in November!

Marriage equality in Australia
This is my favourite thing that happened in November (and December). Australia officially voted yes for marriage equality on November 15th (as a result of an expensive and unnecessary plebiscite). On the 7th of December, the marriage equality bill was passed in Parliament. This means that marriage equality will be legal in my country and I couldn’t be prouder. I can’t wait to attend the weddings of my friends who love each other but were denied equal rights on the basis of their sexuality. It’s a really exciting time.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
I’m obsessed. I’ve been giving fruit, bugs and fish to these unrelenting animals for days now and I don’t know when it will ever end. But Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a nice way to pass time if you’re waiting somewhere for something. What I like about this smartphone game is that it’s relaxing and wholesome, and satisfies my completist and perfectionistic urges to have everything in its right place. Plus, it’s super cute, and it’s one of those phone games where you don’t actually have to spend money to be good at it. Furthermore, people have been creating disturbing camps that are strangely hilarious. I highly recommend it! (Here’s my code if you want to be friends on there!)

The Killing of a Sacred Deer
I finally got to watch Yorgos Lanthimos’ newest cinematic outing and I couldn’t have loved it more. I think it was my favourite of all the films I watched in November. Possibly for the whole year as well. Watch out for my write up, coming soon.

Rewatching Neon Genesis Evangelion
I used to absolutely love watching anime in my teen years, but I kind of fell off the boat after a while. It still holds a place in my heart, and I still love animation as an adult. But recently I was inspired to rewatch Neon Genesis Evangelion, and I’m glad I did. Director Hideaki Anno is such a genius, even though the show regularly treads into intense ‘melodramatic teenager’ territory and takes itself very seriously. Sure, it’s about giant god-like robots fighting otherworldly monsters, but I don’t think I’ll ever not be in love with this show.

That’s about it for November! What did you enjoy this month? Is there anything I should check out, or anything I’ve missed? Feel free to share in the comments below!


  1. It was not news for sure. Do you think they will be renaming the Margaret Court arena?

    1. Hmmm, that’s a tricky one. I’m not sure if they will be renaming the arena because the right hand side of politics would have an aneurysm and erroneously cite the marriage equality bill passing as the beginning of the end for free speech. She’s a real harmful piece of work though!

      1. If they all say they’ll be bycotting the court not sure what happens

  2. I didn’t know you lived down here Anna =]

    I’m also glad that the SSM law got passed, but it still pisses me off that the population were treated like idiots, filling out surveys that meant absolutely nothing. The govmnt could have passed this law whenever they wanted. At least it is finally here!!

    SOOO glad to hear you enjoyed Good Time and A Sacred Killing!!! Two excellent movies I agree, perhaps my top two of the year. Dunkirk is up there too =D

    1. Melbourne born and raised! I do love Adelaide though, it’s a good time. And yeah, the plebiscite was totally insulting. But I’m glad that the message was delivered loud and clear and that for once the government respected the wishes of its people!!

      1. Yeah its good the govmnt seemed to finally realise that this is what we want, its not the freakin stone ages, and they’d just get even MORE unpopular if they ignored it all. Now we just need to stop the Aboriginal population being wiped out (no, sorry, ‘assimilated into white culture’) and we’d have a country that I’d actually be proud of. But hey, we do have it pretty good down here compared to most of the world. Unless you identify as Aboriginal… =/

        Sorry, that went off on a tangent! You like Adelaide? Haha I guess when you live here it becomes really boring really fast. Like, if someone were to come visit from overseas, what do I show them?! There is bugger all haha! =P

  3. Can’t wait to see Deer!

    1. I loved it so much. Lanthimos’ films are really difficult to enjoy because they can be so uncomfortable, but I was just awed by it. I can’t wait to see what he does next!

  4. I also enjoyed the Killing of a Sacred Deer. It is one of my favourites from 2017. It was so shyly compelling, if that is possible to achieve. I will be looking forward to your write-up on it.

    1. It was so amazing. I absolutely loved it. Review is up! 😀

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