February 2018 Favourites

Happy March everyone! I hope everyone had an excellent February. As always, it does seem like time is flying during these first few months of the year. It feels like it’s going to be Oscars time any day now, and that’s because it is! Approximately tomorrow, in Australian terms. Whilst I have my hopes for who and what might win, I do think it’s a strong year with a lot of worthy contenders.

Unfortunately, this month was a bit thin on the ground in terms of film-watching for me, though. Here are the films I watched during February:

As you can see, I actually didn’t watch many films this month! And nor did I actually browse any posts on WordPress… I’ve mostly been bingeing television, which I shall detail below. This makes me a bad community blogger but I’m thinking March will be a bit of a different month, since I’ve burned all the way through American Horror Story already. That being said, here are my favourites for this month!

I always knew I wanted to watch this one. When I worked at a bookstore, I dismissed the books as romantic pseudo-fantasy trash because I’m a cynical idiot, and I was probably completely wrong. I’m loving Outlander, for its portrayal of strong female characters, interesting historical background, a lovely love story, and scary villains. And a really good looking Scottish highlander. Tobias Menzies (criminally underused as Edmure Tully on Game of Thrones) is such a good actor as well. I’m something like halfway through the second season and loving how the narrative is presented. People say the third season is excellent so I’m looking forward to seeing where our star-crossed lovers end up.

American Horror Story
I’m obsessed with American Horror Story. I binged all seven seasons so quickly that I almost have a feeling of grief that there isn’t any more (for now). I have been challenged to rank the seasons in terms of most favourite to least favourite, but I think I would find that really difficult. It is easy for me to say, though, that my absolute favourites were Murder House, Freak Show, and Cult. Cult in particular was really impressive and an interesting divergence from the rest of the series in that there were no supernatural elements present, however it still maintained its sense of being deeply scary (and very politically relevant). Hats off to Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters who are both amazing actors. I love this show.

Twin Peaks day
February 24th was Twin Peaks day – the day one Special Agent Dale Cooper entered the town of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer. It’s a date I like to celebrate each year just for funsies. But I’m also contemplating rewatching the third season to see if it holds up, and to see if I’m just as blown away by it as I was upon the first watch. Such a good show.

Black Panther (2018)
I have a review for this one incoming, but I have to include this as one of my favourites from this month. Absolutely loved it. It’s a very important film and made me feel similar feelings to Wonder Woman (2017) in terms of its cultural relevance.

Well, those are my favourites for this month. What kinds of things did you enjoy during the month of February? Feel free to pass on any recommendations or links in the comments below!


  1. I have to catch up with American Horror Story, I’m so behind.

  2. Great list of films. We binged “Lovesick” here in the US on Netflix, a show from the UK in 2014 that the streaming service revived for new episodes…funny, poignant and great characters….

  3. I am glad you are loving Outlander. I am a big fan. I really enjoyed The Crown season 2 in Feb.

  4. Great to see films like Black Panther and Wonder Woman being made, and being made so well. Really enjoyed Rogue One and Big Sick too.

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