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Shitfest Summer 2015: The Starving Games (2013)

One of my very favourite blogging events of the year has returned! The one and only Shitfest (Summer 2015 edition), masterminded by brainchild Eric of Isaacs Picture Conclusions, is all about celebrating and ripping shreds off bad films, and I love it. Here’s what I wrote about a (somewhat) humble film named The Starving Games. […]

Shitfest – Summer 2014: Ultrachrist! (2003)

Today is a very exciting day, because the infamous Shitfest is back for another season of bad movies and wonderfully snarky commentary! Here’s a little review I wrote about a lesser-known masterpiece called Ultrachrist! (2003). Note: it’s not actually a masterpiece. You can see the opening ceremony post for Shitfest here, and find the rest […]

Satan’s Mistress (1982): An Accidentally Reflexive Review.

A lonely woman, longing for the company of her increasingly distant husband, seeks solace in the arms of a mysterious entity who may or may not be a malevolent spirit trapped in their seemingly haunted house. This is the story of Satan’s Mistress (1982), starring Lana Wood and Britt Ekland. This film has a number […]

Movie 43 (2013): Quick-shot review!

OMG, you guys, get ready for the craziest and most outrageous comedy you’ve ever seen in your whole entire life! Just kidding, it’s horrible. Movie 43 (2013) was directed by 13 people and has an extensive cast of familiar faces. There are two different versions of the film. The version I watched was structured around the premise that some […]