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The Congress (2013): “How do I know if I’m dreaming?”

Ari Folman’sĀ The CongressĀ (2013) is a surreal blend between live action and animation, starring actress Robin Wright as an alternate version of herself. Robin has reached a point in her acting career where it’s difficult to get good roles. Her agent introduces her to a man with a strange proposition in order to sustain her career […]

Waltz With Bashir (2008): “Memory takes us where we need to go.”

Waltz With Bashir (2008), directed by Ari Folman, is a Israeli animated film which explores the concept of trauma and its relationship with memory. Years after his service with the Israeli Defense Force during what Israel calls the Lebanon War, Ari Folman (the director, and also main character) meets a friend who explains that he […]