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Film Grimoire’s four year blogiversary!

Holy moly, guys. It was the fourth anniversary/blogiversary of this here Film Grimoire on the fifth of October. I remember four years ago being super bored whilst my then-boyfriend was in band practice, and deciding that I wanted to start a film reviews blog in between university degrees. Mostly to practice writing in a critical […]

Film Grimoire’s three year blogiversary!

Hello everyone! This is a very quick post to celebrate something special – today marks the third blogiversary (blog + anniversary) of Film Grimoire! I almost can’t believe I’ve actually stuck at something for this long. I’m super happy and proud to be part of such an amazing film blogging community here at WordPress. Thank […]

Two year blogiversary!

Today marks a very special day for me – it’s Film Grimoire’s two year blogiversary! It feels like it was only yesterday that I decided to make a film blog to exorcise my demonic opinions on film (and occasionally television), and I’m really happy I did. Thank you everyone for being lovely and for reading […]

One year blogiversary!

Today marks my one year anniversary of writing here at Film Grimoire! I’m actually pretty excited and have a couple of fun things to announce.