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Ordet (1955): “Why is there not one among these believers who believe?”

Based on a play by Kaj Munk of the same name, Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Ordet (1955) tells the story of the Borgen family, who are farmers living in the Denmark countryside. The film focuses on three sons: Mikkel, whose wife Inger is pregnant; Anders, who seeks the hand of local tailor’s daughter Anne; and Johannes, […]

The Hunt (2012): “The whole town is listening.”

The Hunt (2012), directed by Thomas Vinterberg, approaches some familiar themes with a very unique approach and focus. Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen) works at a kindergarten, where he has a great rapport with the kids he looks after. He’s also a single dad hoping to gain custody of his only son. When a young girl at […]

Häxan (1922): “Get thee behind me, Satan!”

Häxan, or, Witchcraft Through the Ages, is a Swedish/Danish silent film from 1922, directed by Benjamin Christensen. The film is structured into seven chapters of “moving pictures” – informing viewers about witchcraft and the occult through history and art, and through a variety of case studies. This is a beautiful silent film that is often […]