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Labyrinth (1986): My Five Favourite Things

The passing of the one and only David Bowie was a tough experience for a lot of people in January of this year; myself included. I wrote a post on my top seven Bowie tunes (keeping it to seven because otherwise it would have spiralled out of control and I would have ended up listing […]

January 2016 Favourites

The first month of 2016 is over and done, and what a month it was. Quite the auspicious start to my new year, with a change of jobs and an entire week off to relax in between! During that time, I watched and enjoyed a whole bunch of films, and it was great. And as […]

My Top Seven Favourite David Bowie Tunes

Like so many people on January 10th, I was shocked and saddened to hear of the legendary David Bowie’s passing. I think everyone has their own personal story to share about their love of his music and creative pursuits. And given the sheer expansiveness of his career and talents, it only makes sense that everyone […]

The Prestige (2006): “Are you watching closely?”

One of acclaimed director Christopher Nolan’s best films, The Prestige (2006) is a feat of excellence in both its storytelling and cinematography. Set in turn of the century London, the story follows two rival magicians, Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Christian Bale), as they compete with one another to perform the greatest trick […]