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A Timely Blogathon: Seven Recommendations Under 90 Minutes!

This newest post for A Timely Blogathon (hosted by Movierob and myself) comes from Caz at Let’s Go To The Movies, and is a bit of a special one. Instead of writing a review for one film under 90 minutes, Caz decided to write recommendations for seven films under 90 minutes! What’s on the list? […]

A Timely Blogathon: Duck Soup (1933)

Originally posted on MovieRob:
This post is the next entry in this month’s A Timely Blogathon being run by Anna of Film Grimoire and myself.  This review of Duck Soup (1933) is by S.G. of Rhyme and Reason Check out her site which is filled with recipes, podcasts and movie reviews galore! Tnx for taking…