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November 2014 Favourites

November is over and suddenly it’s basically Christmas already! Here are some of my favourite posts from WordPress and beyond from this most wonderful of months. From one of my favourite design blogs, Moss & Fog, here’s a beautiful post on some very otherworldly locations that do in fact exist in this world but seem […]

October 2014 Favourites

Just a quick (and quite late) favourites post for October, as for about two weeks of it I was on holiday in New York City! If you’d like to see what I got up to over those two weeks, feel free to check out my On Location posts, where I tracked down some awesome film […]

September 2014 Favourites

Time flies! Can you believe it’s already October? September was a pretty hectic month. I admittedly found it a bit difficult to keep up on everything here because work was insane. But I’m always up for a celebration of excellent things around WordPress and the general internet, so here’s another post filled with some of […]

August 2014 Favourites

What a month. August was filled with some remarkable ups and downs, but a lot of really great films. My posting here at the old Film Grimoire has been kind of all over the place due to crazy work and a crazy flu, but nevertheless, here are some weird and wonderful things that I enjoyed […]

June 2014 Favourites

Another month has passed, and I’ve collected more links and interesting things to share! June was a pretty good month. I actually just got a job in my field (as of yesterday), so I would say it was a pretty productive one! That’s my new years’ resolution over and done with. I have lots of […]