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December 2016 Favourites

Happy new year everyone! Welcome to 2017! I think we can all agree that 2016 was a pretty rough year for many and varied reasons: the loss of many many, talented people; one of the hugest cluster-shits in political history occurred and continues to occur; Harambe; numerous terrorist attacks; a movie about emojis. But this […]

January 2015 Favourites

Welcome to 2015, everybody! I hope everyone had an amazing January and is getting to work on their New Year’s resolutions. I haven’t gotten anywhere to be honest (also known as, I still haven’t seen Interstellar), but there’s always the next eleven months to fix that. In the mean time, here are some of my […]

2014 in review…

Happy 2015 everyone! How was your new year’s celebration? I spent my time playing a game called Drawful with my friends and laughing until I thought I was going to be sick. So it’s now a whole new year, and I thought I’d cap off 2014 with a post reflecting on this year – my […]

2013 in review…

Welcome to 2014 everyone! I hope you all had some amazing new year celebrations and that everyone has been recovering nicely. Today I’ve been reflecting on 2013 in film, and have chosen some favourites (and disappointments) of the past year, plus some sneaky television picks. 2013 had a lot of highs, but a bunch of […]