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June 2017 Favourites

Happy July everyone! Hope everyone had an amazing June and is having an excellent July so far. As ever, the year appears to be moving forward quicker than we could have expected, and now all of a sudden it’s tax return season. (Yay?) I didn’t have a lot of time to write this month, but […]

June 2016 Favourites

I can’t believe half of the year is over and done with! It truly feels like only yesterday that it was New Year’s with the promise of an excellent year to come. Not to say that this year hasn’t been excellent thus far, it’s just always a surprise when June rolls around and you realise […]

June 2015 Favourites

We’re officially past halfway into 2015! Time really flies. This month was a bit crazy for me, but I did manage to find so many amazing things to read and enjoy. So here I am once again sharing them with you all. Metropolis (1927) can be a tough film to watch, depending on the version […]

June 2014 Favourites

Another month has passed, and I’ve collected more links and interesting things to share! June was a pretty good month. I actually just got a job in my field (as of yesterday), so I would say it was a pretty productive one! That’s my new years’ resolution over and done with. I have lots of […]