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A Timely Blogathon: 1972 Yellow House (2011)

Welcome to the first reader-contributed post of A Timely Blogathon! This first review comes from the one and only Eric of Isaacs Picture Conclusions – a local legend, a lover of schlock, a critic of low budget cinematic masterpieces. Thank you to the wonderful Eric for contributing to A Timely Blogathon!

Sound Of My Voice (2011): Quick-shot review!

A surprising low budget gem, Sound Of My Voice (2011, dir. Zal Batmanglij) tells the story of young couple Peter (Christopher Denham) and Lorna (Nicole Vicius), who are shooting a documentary on cults and those who follow them. Peter and Lorna learn of a specific group of people who follow a woman named Maggie (Brit […]

Shitfest – Summer 2014: Ultrachrist! (2003)

Today is a very exciting day, because the infamous Shitfest is back for another season of bad movies and wonderfully snarky commentary! Here’s a little review I wrote about a lesser-known masterpiece called Ultrachrist! (2003). Note: it’s not actually a masterpiece. You can see the opening ceremony post for Shitfest here, and find the rest […]