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On Location: Central Park’s Alice in Wonderland statue

Nestled away in the heart of Central Park lies a big, bronze statue of Alice in Wonderland, with her friends the Mad Hatter, the dormouse, the White Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat. This sculpture was designed by Hideo Sasaki and Fernando Texidor in 1959, and is designed so that children can climb up on it […]

On Location: Monk’s Café

This was almost a religious experience for me. Wandering down Broadway we came across West 112th St, and there was the restaurant I’d seen on television so many times before – Monk’s Café, from one of my favourite shows of all time, the one and only Seinfeld. In real life it’s Tom’s Restaurant, however, and […]

On Location: The Bramford

On the corner of 72nd St and Central Park West sits a very imposing looking building called The Dakota, or as it’s called in Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby (1968), The Bramford. The Bramford is home to Guy and Rosemary Woodhouse, and their strange neighbours Roman and Minnie Castevet. I was pretty psyched to get to […]

On Location: The Royal Tenenbaums house

The first of my New York City travel posts is conveniently of the film location closest to where I’m staying. On the corner of 144th St and Convent Avenue in the Hamilton Heights area is the residence used for the exteriors of the house in The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), directed by Wes Anderson. With its […]

Film Grimoire is NYC-bound!

Hi all, just a brief update following up from my anniversary post! I’m heading off overseas today to stay in New York City for about two weeks, to do a bit of exploring and sightseeing, and also to help out my partner who’s producing a film in the city. From today onwards (until the 7th […]

Girl Walk // All Day (2011): A film-length music video about dancing, love, and New York City.

Imagine a feature film-length music video filled with some of the most energetic dancing you ever did see, and some of the most toe-tapping, catchy music you ever did hear. This is Girl Walk // All Day (2011, dir. Jacob Krupnick): a seventy minute exploration of dance, joy, and love, set against the backdrop of […]