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October 2016 Favourites

Welcome, everyone, to November! The spooky month of October is over and done with, and now that Halloween is finished we’re on the steady descent towards Christmas. October was another quiet month here at Film Grimoire, but as of this month, I’ve included regular writing back into my routine somewhat, so things should be back […]

On Location: Ghostbusters HQ

Originally posted on FILM GRIMOIRE:
I feel like everyone had films that they obsessed over as a kid. For me, it was definitely Mrs Doubtfire (1993), and Sister Act (1992). Another film I would watch over and over again was the kooky/spooky classic Ghostbusters (1984). And I still love it, which is why I was…

Trailer: Winter At Westbeth (2015)

I recently posted about an amazing documentary film that my partner has been working on for the past couple of years; a little project named Winter At Westbeth (2015). Winter At Westbeth is a documentary set in New York City, about the intersection between ageing and creativity, and contains some of the most beautiful and […]

Very exciting news! – Winter At Westbeth (2015)

Some old faithful readers here at Film Grimoire may remember that back in late 2014, myself and my partner and our good friend all travelled to New York City in order to make an amazing film, meet some amazing people, and also enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. That is, my partner and […]

On Location: Dr Elliot’s clinic

We have come to the end of my On Location posts! I’ve scheduled this post so it should be up whilst I’m up in the air flying over the vastness of North America, or I could be over the sea between here and Australia, who knows. In any case, this blog will more or less […]

On Location: Prince Akeem’s apartment

Coming to America (1988, dir. John Landis) is one of those films that I watched approximately a million times when I was a kid. A silly fairy tale about an African prince who moves to New York to find himself an intelligent and strong-willed wife, it’s probably the one of the least edgy films in […]

On Location: The Flatiron building

The Flatiron building is located at 175 5th Avenue in Manhattan, and forms a triangular block with East 22nd St and 23rd St. This is probably one of the most famous buildings, and certainly one of the most photographed, in the world. It is quite stunning to see in real life. It almost looks too […]

On Location: Zoolander’s gas station

This mass of scaffolding may look like nothing at all, or like some apartment building or hotel in the midst of being built, but it’s much more special than that. In actual fact, this construction site is the place where the famous ‘gas fight’ scene from Zoolander (2001) occurs. If you’ve ever been so joyous […]

On Location: The Time & Life building

This was one of those film locations that I stumbled upon accidentally – whilst walking past, I noticed the strange pattern in the concrete footpath and that it looked a lot like a certain scene in Rosemary’s Baby (1968). Then I looked at the mural inside the building next to the footpath, and the name […]

On Location: The iconic Manhattan scene

One of the most iconic scenes from Woody Allen’s classic film Manhattan (1979) is a scene between his character Isaac, and Diane Keaton’s character Mary. After catching up with one another at a fundraising event at the Museum of Modern Art and striking up a conversation, they talk together until sunrise, ending with the iconic […]